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You scored 54 Addictability, 57 Destructive, 51 Accidental, and 20 Angst!

Live fast and die an accidental death at the hands of someone who shares your lifestyle, thats you. Just try not to take any innocent bystanders with you when you and your mates drunkenly run your car off the road. (Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle died in a car crash that also involved members of WASP and Motley Crue)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Addictability Distribution

    They scored 54% on Addictability, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Destructive Distribution

    They scored 57% on Destructive, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Accidental Distribution

    They scored 51% on Accidental, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • Angst Distribution

    They scored 20% on Angst, higher than 3% of your peers.

All possible test results

John Lee Hooker

Face it, your not going to die young. You face a long and successful career and an on stage heart attack in your mid 80's. (John Lee Hooker died on stage at the age of 82) Read more

Robert Calvert

Your a bleeding hearted poet. No matter what you do you do it with soul. Suicide and stress related illness is an ever present companion. Death will claim you in a very tradgic way. Either by your own... Read more

Steve Marriot

Oh dear, you are tempting fate aint you. Drink and drugs may not be your bag, but that doesn't mean your safe. Beware of housefires, terrorist attacks, wet tarmac and more self destrucive rockers in c... Read more

Jeff Buckley

Your angst ridden and accident prone, your probally going to die young just as your beginning to make your mark and therefore assure yourself of cult status forever. (Jeff Buckley drowned whilst swim... Read more

Randy Rhodes

Your a real risk taker. You take risks and don't give a damn about the consiquences. Just try not to take anybody with you. (Blizzard of Oz guitarist Randy Rhodes died when he crashed his plane whils... Read more

Marc Bolan

You live fast, but only to hide the pain you are feeling inside, you have a death wish and secretly want to make the final escape from life. (T-Rex mainman Marc Bolan died when his car hit a tree) Read more

Bon Scott

You are on the highway to hell and aint very lucky either. Your death will be either drink or drug related, but accidental with it. (AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott died after a whiskey binge) Read more

Rob Collins

Your a self destructive, risk taker with a big streak off angst. Your death will be tradgic and accidental. (Charletans member Rob Collins was killed in a car crash) Read more

Sid Vicious

Your a big bucket for booze and drugs, that is what will probally kill you. (Former Sex Pistol Sid Vicious died of a smack overdose.) Read more

Phil Lynott

Your angst can only be relieved by certain substances. Just becareful you don't over do the chemical relief. (Former Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott died of an overdose) Read more

Martin Lamble

Your addictions force you to take risks, and that can prove fatal. (Fairport Convention member Martin Lamble died in drink driving related car crash) Read more

Jim Morrison

Your addictive, angst ridden and accident prone, you don't want to die, but you aint doing yourself any favours with your life style. (Doors vocalist Jim Morrison died of a heart attack in a Paris ap... Read more

Keith Moon

You like like to party hard cos you just don't give a damn. That will be the death of you. (Who drummer, Keith Moon died of drug related complications) Read more

Kurt Cobain

Life sucks a big one for you and your gonnna crash and burn if it's the last thing you do. You'll probally top yourself in a spectacular and memorable way. (Kurt Cobain committed suicide) Read more


Live fast and die an accidental death at the hands of someone who shares your lifestyle, thats you. Just try not to take any innocent bystanders with you when you and your mates drunkenly run your car... Read more

Freddie Mercury

You do the lot, feel every blow in your soul, and your luck aint too hot either. Death is waiting round every corner and his sythe has your name on the blade. (Queen front man Freddie Mercury died of... Read more

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