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Amanda Palmer

You scored 56 Weird, 43 Depressed, 38 Angry, and 33 Happy!

Ooh. You're dark. I dub thee Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls! Your recent claim to fame was opening for Nine Inch Nails in their small venue North American tour in 2005. You little goth slut. But through it all, fans realized that you were your own person and NOT Reznor's little creation. Like Amanda, you dwell in the darkness, running away with your thoughts and whims about revenge, love and pain. When you're hurt or upset, you vocalize it and don't let anyone ignore it... And more often than not, you find yourself getting hurt by your romantic interests. You even keep a pretty boy drummer in your ranks, almost like a security blanket. How strange... But your career is just starting out. You've already established yourself as a strong artist with valid opinions and creations; just stick to your guns and I'm sure you'll find your happiness at the end!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Weird Distribution

    They scored 56% on Weird, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Depressed Distribution

    They scored 43% on Depressed, higher than 58% of your peers.

  • Angry Distribution

    They scored 38% on Angry, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Happy Distribution

    They scored 33% on Happy, higher than 38% of your peers.

All possible test results

Soulless Golem.

Wow! You must've skipped every question... Or you were really trying to piss my test off. You suck. Meaning, you kiss members of the same sex for shock value. Why go through all the effort? I mean, I ... Read more


Whoo. "I throw quarters in my oven because EVERY-TIN IS MUZAK!!!" You are happy-go-lucky, carefree Bjork! You truly care about your environment and those around you but if things are going wrong, you... Read more

Avril Lavigne.

*sigh* I'm a little disappointed in you. While she's not a *gay* stereotype, she's a stereotype in general. You are moody, pouty little Avril Lavigne. Somehow, you've fooled most people into thinkin... Read more

PJ Harvey.

Cool. Distant. Sexy as all get out. You're PJ Harvey! While upon first glance you come off as bitter and jaded, you're pretty much a content person. Furthermore, you have a beautiful personality. How... Read more

Amy Lee.

Hm. Commercially successful, but you actually have talent? Well. Looks like you're Amy Lee from Evanescence. While deep down, you have a lot of potential to be something amazing, you waste your time ... Read more

Courtney Love.

Huh. You're crazy; you must be Hole frontwoman Courtney Love. I'm not sure if you have any actual talent--it's hard to see through your drugs and starfucker attitude. Needless to say, you're pretty b... Read more

Shirley Manson.

I bow in awe to you. You're Shirley Manson from Garbage! (My personal favorite out of the categories!) You've been around for, like, ever and have established yourself as a stylish, trendy yound lass... Read more

Melissa Auf Der Maur

Mmmm. Sexy. You're bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur! You've done it all. Skanked the world up with Courtney Love in Hole, scowled profusely with Billy Corgan and the Pumpkins, and then called all your li... Read more

Joni Mitchell.

Weird. Word? You're Canadian rocker Joni Mitchell! You're the definition of independant. You've always been happy and at peace with yourself, so all the commercial success is just kind of icing on th... Read more

Tori Amos

Oh-ma-GAWD! Get me a space cake. You're Tori Amos! So much to be said about this wonderful diva. She's been around for AGES and has always had some really deep thoughts to share with the world. You'v... Read more

Emily Haines

Oooh. Scary. You're Emily Haines from Metric/Broken Social Scene! Rowr. You've got quite the little head on your shoulders, calling in fans from all walks with your poppy sounds and deceivingly simpl... Read more


How pretty. You're Leslie Feist from Feist/Broken Social Scene! Your tune is happy-go-lucky and upbeat, singing songs about kids and their snowsuits and finding love in one evening. And then... you'r... Read more

Amanda Palmer

Ooh. You're dark. I dub thee Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls! Your recent claim to fame was opening for Nine Inch Nails in their small venue North American tour in 2005. You little goth slut. Bu... Read more

Janis Joplin.

Hey! Take that needle out of your arm... You're Janis Joplin! Crazy as fuck, you were ahead of your time. Your fans labelled you as a 'liberated woman' when the women's rights movement was still in i... Read more

Trent Reznor?!

Um... Wha? You're Trent Reznor...? He's kind of a diva. He's got the attitude down pat, anyway. And haven't you heard his silky smooth voice on recent songs? It's so pretty. Anyway. The king of gloo... Read more

Billy Corgan?!

Ahem. You're... uh... Billy Corgan. Yup. He's kind of a diva, if you look at it. He's had a love affair with the piano throughout his entire career, and he did threatened to break up The Smashing Pum... Read more

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