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Daring Expert

You scored 81% knowledge and 66% surviveness!

Great work! The tiny winy details that you missed are not that important... unless you placed Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the territory of Caucasus. ;)

You may prefer home-made food to grilled sheep balls (although they are GOOD and yes, I am a girl :P) ... but what the heck, I can just see you buy this caviar baguette, saddle the donkey and off you go to wander through the hills of Caucasus! =)

But hey, no matter what your scores were, visitting this magnificent region is simply worth it. It is a region that consists of three countries so similar but so different at the same time. All formely part of the Soviet Union, share some of the heritage, but the typical culture that has long history makes them all very unique.

This is the region that is known as the borderline between Christianity and Islam. Within the little area there are three different religions to be encountered; Armenian Orthodox, Muslim in Azerbaijan and Georgian Christianity.

The people are loving, and very hospitable to any guest that comes to visit their home-country. But there is also a lot of hot-blood running through their veins and that keeps the long-lasting conflicts between or within the countries still alive. Please, note though that the conflict areas are marked as closed zones and thus the danger for a tourist is minimal.

And if you wonder what you can find there… there are mountains, there are plains, there are forests, there are deserts, there are seas and beaches, there are churches and old ruins… there is an incredible mixture of different ethnics that still live according to their traditions and culture, speak their own language and all this makes your stay there very enriching and inspirational.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • knowledge Distribution

    They scored 81% on knowledge, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • surviveness Distribution

    They scored 66% on surviveness, higher than 29% of your peers.

All possible test results

Spoilt Ignorant

You are not interested in Caucasus and Caucasus is not interested in you! The closest you should attempt to get to Caucasus is when you fly over the region on your way to Asia... (poor ... Read more

Survivable Ignorant

Your knowledge is appalling, though there are traces of will to survive in you, no matter which region you are in. Though make sure not to stumble upon Nagorno-Karabakh, or some other h... Read more

Daring Ignorant

You can survive anything with a piece of good luck, but seriously, you probably skipped all your geography lessons. I guess YOU are the reason why guidebooks started to be published... ... Read more

Bold Ignorant

Not sure why should you have a guardian angel... but maybe for a good reason... where there is zero knowledge there should be some outstanding luck. :P Not sure if guide books are of us... Read more

Spoilt Unlicked Cub

It seems the knowledge is trying to show its teeth... but veeeery slowly. Oh, and together with your inability to survive you should rather stay at home. For your sake and the sake of t... Read more

Survivable Greenhorn

Good on you, mate! With your scores, not really striking though, you might consider to plan a trip to Caucasus... and the good news is... you might even make it back! :P Oh, and reading... Read more

Daring Tenderfoot

The knowledge limps a bit but your natural sense for survival will definitely help you to get through your Caucasian trip. And don´t worry, even though you might do a lot of errors, th... Read more

Bold Tenderfoot

No one was born knowing everything... but honestly, you could give it a little push. So do not worry if you accidently come to Pamir instead of Caucasus you will not even notice it! But... Read more

Spoilt Insider

Wohow... the knowledge isn´t too bad, smartie... but it would not hurt to use it once in the region. ;) You should take your mum there to tell you what is good and what is bad o... Read more

Survivable Insider

Knowledge not yet outstandingly striking but definitely higher than the average... but a guidebook can still be of use! And if you combine your knowledge and surviveness, we are happy t... Read more

Daring Insider

Hmm, I am impressed, some knowledge is there so you might even catch the plane to the right part of the world! ;) And honestly, what you lack in knowledge you make up for in surviveness... Read more

Bold Insider

Gee, good news! Although you are bold and will most likely survive any trip to any kind of country, you are also clever enough to avoid visiting regions like Nagorno-Karabakh or Abkhazia... BR... Read more

Spoilt Expert

Hey, not at all a bad knowledge... actually the contrary! Congrats! But the survivenss... oups... that hurts a little! I bet you enjoy the documentaries and laugh when others sweat to d... Read more

Survivable Expert

Wow, you really did your homework. That is quite an outstanding knowledge you have showed here! But what is it about you and the surviveness? Not into grilled sheep balls, or too touchy... Read more

Daring Expert

Great work! The tiny winy details that you missed are not that important... unless you placed Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the territory of Caucasus. ;) You may prefer home-... Read more

Real Expert

Well done! I was so close to open the bottle of champaign. ;) You have a great knowledge about Caucasus! Oh, and regarding the few details that you missed during this test... I would no... Read more

Spoilt Caucasian

Hehe, I think you are the first book-worm that I have ever met. You have the best possible score on knowledge that can be achieved. So either you are Caucasian or you do not like to put books down.... Read more

Chilled Caucasian

Man, that is what I call a Knowledge! I bet there is some Caucasian blood running through your veins :P. On the other hand I think Scandinavia with its cool weather, blonde chicks and f... Read more

Hot Caucasian

Wohow... that is a hell of a score! Your knowledge of Caucasus is brilliant (I wonder if there were or are some ties to the region on your part...!) ;) You might not have scored the hig... Read more

Real Caucasian

No way you managed to get these high scores! I was very much ready to skip the description of this category as I was convinced I would be the only one reading it anyways :P. But honest... Read more

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