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Queen of Hearts

You scored 31 Kindness, 40 Morality, and 68 Wisdom!

You spend your upbringing going to the finest schools, being educated in the running of Wonderland as a strong ruler. Your parents dished out thousands of dollars for college and you always got excellent grades. But instead you only want to play croquet? All the time? Well, although it's odd, at least you know what you like. Fortunately you are very intelligent and have a solid base of morals on your shoulders. Even so, your lack of kindness leaves you playing alone often. Look for a man with a nice head of flames and a lot of time on his hands, like Hades, for a good match.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 31% on Kindness, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Morality Distribution

    They scored 40% on Morality, higher than 49% of your peers.

  • Wisdom Distribution

    They scored 68% on Wisdom, higher than 98% of your peers.

  • Gender Distribution

    They scored 91% on Gender, higher than 67% of your peers.

All possible test results


Powerful, cruel, dumb. The least articulate of the Disney villians. The only real way to have gotten this oaf was to have skipped questions. Imagine the shame you place on your family if they find out... Read more

Cruella DeVille

Ok, so tell me again, you kill puppies and skin them?? Seriously? Wow, that's messed up. At least you're warm in the winter. To see this character you must have skipped questions. Imagine the shame yo... Read more


Be prepared is your motto, It's your calling card of revenge. Of course, with your nefarious schemes not even family is safe from your wrath. At the end of the day you get what you want, or die trying... Read more


Ah, the cruel yet misunderstood Maleficent. Perhaps if you were more sociable you would have been invited to parties, but you remain aloof. Your solitude only increases your anger and you seek to dest... Read more


Is there a man as handsome as you? Not that you know of. Pride and vanity influence your decisions. These decisions are very simple to make; whatever is best for you is best for all. The ladies love y... Read more

The Wicked Queen

Even royalty can go sour, just like a poisoned apple. Although you are a Queen and therefore already have power, you desire to be the best. You seek to eliminate those more beautiful than you. You hav... Read more


I suppose a flaming thumb is more impressive than a green thumb. Regardless, being Lord of the Underworld has given you quite a bit of wisdom over time. Unfortunately, your sense of justice and kindne... Read more

Queen of Hearts

You spend your upbringing going to the finest schools, being educated in the running of Wonderland as a strong ruler. Your parents dished out thousands of dollars for college and you always got excell... Read more


You are neither man nor animal you are only known as Beast. You have a high sense of justice and morality, which leaves some of your decisions as seeming cold. Kindness is unnecessary; however, as the... Read more


A high level of morality and integrity is congruent with your personality. Your high level of justice and sense of how the world should be can make you seem snobbish or too black and white in your beh... Read more

Cobra Bubbles

You are one cold, in control dude. You possess a high sense of justice and wisdom, making you perfect for hunting and keeping tabs on aliens. You are the perfect mix of Shaft and the Men In Black. It ... Read more

Edna Mode

You are very focused on the bottom-line and the finished product. You would be the type of theatre director who would make her actors cry during rehearsal, but would present the best show possible by ... Read more


Prince Ali, Aladdin, street rat, you go by many names. First and foremost are your friends and family. You place a high emphasis on helping others and you probably make for a very good listener. While... Read more


You are kind and can easily be taken advantage of. Although the "in" crowd may not hang out with you, the friends you do make are lifelong and very loyal. You have a knack for finding the good in peop... Read more


Ah, experiment 626. You are a very kind and loving friend. You also have a good deal of smarts. But, you have a low sense of justice and can be prone to playing pranks on others or disobeying the law ... Read more


You possess a high level of intelligence and kindness. You are likely one of those people who read often or spend time learning new things. You have a lower level of morality than most, which can lead... Read more


You are the Disney version of Shaft. You know how to turn on the charm around the ladies and you are very loyal to your friends. You have an average sense of justice which leads you to be moderate in ... Read more


The lovely princess Jasmine is who you identify with. You have a high sense of kindness which allows you to befriend most anyone, even a large tiger. Your morals are average which allows you to accept... Read more


The king of Pride Rock. You value intellect and treating others with respect. You also have a good sense of duty without seeming too unrealistic. As a leader you inspire those under you while they fol... Read more


You are a very balanced individual. You are not only intelligent and have good morals, but you are also kind and loving. You are a true Disney princess at heart. Your book smarts and morality make you... Read more


My personal favorite Disney character. You have a high level of caring toward others, and a very high level of morality. You believe in justice for everyone and equality. You make for a very kind and ... Read more


The eventual queen of Pride Rock. You have a very high level of justice which is tempered only by your kindness for others. You strive for the ideal in life, equality for others and helping those who ... Read more


The keeper of secrets and wisdom lies inside your mind. Whenever a problem arises your friends usually turn to you for help because of your mix of kindness and intellect. You believe that decisions ar... Read more

Grandmother Willow

Mother nature's knowledge, with the kindness of your most loving family member. You are all that is good in a person. You have a healthy balance of kindness, morals and intelligence. If someone comes ... Read more

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