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The FFF - Fashion Friendly Figure

You scored 30 points out of 40 on Formal and 32 points out of 52 on Tasteful! Well done!


Nor Fashion Icon nor Fashion Freak

Well done! You scored high on Tastefulness! Indeed, that's a nice result, since this test wasn't the easiest one for sure. You have a well developed sense for fashion and stylish garment. Either you're interested in fashion trends or it's a natural thing, because most of your answers were surprisingly accurate. There's some room for improvements though. 

You also scored high on Formal, which means that you give preference to classical style and usual-looking pieces of garment. I'm not trying to say that you look boring or that you dress like a 60-year-old even if you are 20. No, not at all! It's just that you probably go for some darker colours like black or brown for example, follow a single modest pattern and don't like to mix textures. That's fine, you will never turn into a Fashion Disaster that way. However, I would suggest adding some variety into your outfit collection, since as a FFF - The FashionFriendly Figure - you seem to be tasteful enough to do that. Just be careful and don't overdo or you will be labeled as The Peacock.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Wacky Distribution

    They scored 11% on Wacky, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Formal Distribution

    They scored 30% on Formal, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • Tasteful Distribution

    They scored 32% on Tasteful, higher than 46% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Spotlight Persona

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The FFF - Fashion Friendly Figure

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The Peacock

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The Clueless Tad

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The Cool Hunter

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The Artsy Soul

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The Jellyfish

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The Fashion Disaster

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