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Their result for The Military Test ...

You scored 35 Marine Corps, 41 Army, 50 Air Force, and 77 Navy!


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Those of you that get a high Marine Corps Score, oohrah, potential Devildog! You should consider seeing a recruiter ASAP! The joy of mindlessly gutting those that disagree with you with a razor sharp ka-bar can be had by you too!

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You Army dogs enjoy many of the same thing the USMC does, but you tend to enjoy overkill, be it with a massive tank rush, or a super flashy, but ultimately marginally effective artillery barrage! Hoo-ah, soldier! Your sarge commends you!

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Anchors aweigh, for you sailors! your idea of combat is whiz-bang, high speed navy SEAL operations and slick looking ships with a crapload of missiles. But, when it really hits the fan, who're you kidding? You just send in the Marines. They're just bullet sponges, right?

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Aim high! You're soaring 5 miles up... in a desk. BUT, you control the worlds deadliest stockpile of nuclear weapons. That IS pretty badass... even if you get made fun of every time you turn your back... by civilians

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Marine Corps Distribution

    They scored 35% on Marine Corps, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Army Distribution

    They scored 41% on Army, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Air Force Distribution

    They scored 50% on Air Force, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • Navy Distribution

    They scored 77% on Navy, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Those of you that get a high Marine Corps Score, oohrah, po... Read more

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