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Superhero Sidekick

You scored 56Oral Bio., 50 Anal Geog., 62 Mental Modeland 55 Moral Sexual!

The Superhero Sidekick - NSLT - New Submissive Logical Taboo The Sidekick is ready for adventure, and is learning to keep his/her emotions in check. Sidekicks are often passionate folk who favor many models and "deeper" metaphores for "reality", but also often have some level of feeling inferior or submissive. While they might be trying to save you, the Sidekick goes about it in a Socially Taboo way. If only playing dress-up, sneaking around like a thief, and beating people up in the name of justice was more popular. Oh well. Common Possible Match: The Porn Star Common Possible Enemy: The Police Officer

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Biosurvival Distribution

    They scored 56% on Biosurvival, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • Territorial Distribution

    They scored 50% on Territorial, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • Semantical Distribution

    They scored 62% on Semantical, higher than 67% of your peers.

  • Socio Sexual Distribution

    They scored 55% on Socio Sexual, higher than 50% of your peers.

All possible test results

Nun / Priest

The Nun / Priest - OSEM - Old Submissive Emotional Moral. People of the cloth prefer to nuture and be nutured, and can often be found tucked away at a monastery or somewhere else safe. This tends t... Read more


The Lunatic - OSET - Old Submissive Emotional Taboo First off, Lunatics don't always like themselves. Secondly, they don't often fully like others. They prefer nourishment over confrontation, but u... Read more

Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist - OSLM - Old Submissive Logical Moral Conspiracy Theorists tend to think that things are not as safe as they could be. They are often well read, sometimes this works against... Read more

UFO Abductee

The UFO Abductee - OSLT - Old Submissive Logical Taboo UFO Abductees prefer safety, and can you blame them? Usually, they will convey their fear for your saftey as well. They tend to be more nuturi... Read more

Police Officer

The Police Officer - ODEM - Old Dominant Emotional Moral Officers prefer to protect what they have rather than wander to go find something new. While they tend towards dominance, they still need no... Read more


The Pirate - ODET - Old Dominant Emotional Taboo Pirates arrr more emotional types who think that they're O.K. but that most everybody else is not. Pirates definitely and defiantly tend towards domi... Read more


The Lawyer - ODLM - Old Dominant Logical Moral Lawyers run away with any strategy that allows them to dominate, and thay have to call upon many models of "reality". They need nourishment, through th... Read more

Dr. Evil

The Dr. Evil - ODLT - Old Dominant Logical Taboo Dr. Evil types are the Dominant Cowards: always running from Austin Powers, using others to do his dirty work, while at the same time planning to take... Read more


The Gilligan - NSEM - New Submissive Emotional Moral Gilligans tend to be more of the extroverted explorer types. They are often the victims of their own curiosity. Of course, they are more likely... Read more

Sex Slave

The Sex Slave - NSET - New Submissive Emotional Taboo Sex Slaves tend to be willing explorers of new things and aren't afraid to stay, "fight", and take a beating. Slaves usually play the submissiv... Read more

Clark Kent

The Clark Kent - NSLM - New Submissive Logical Moral Clark Kents tend to doubt themselves but think many others are just fine. Their developed logical side, combined with their sense of service, usu... Read more

Superhero Sidekick

The Superhero Sidekick - NSLT - New Submissive Logical Taboo The Sidekick is ready for adventure, and is learning to keep his/her emotions in check. Sidekicks are often passionate folk who favor man... Read more

Motivational Speaker

The Motivational Speaker - NDEM - New Dominant Emotional Moral Motivational Speakers encourage people to try new things. They tend to be assertive, and/or agressive, and are often found in roles of ... Read more

Porn Star

The Porn Star - NDET - New Dominant Emotional Taboo Porn Stars tend to be the assertive or agressive explorer types who are more emotional than logical, and who are definitely taboo in one way or ano... Read more


The Jedi - NDLM - New Dominant Logical Moral Explores the universe The Jedi does. Ready to fight, to help, to lead, the Jedi are. Jedi favor logical plans, and tend to be more morally aligned. Jed... Read more

Radical Activist

The Radical Activist - NDLT - New Dominant Logical Taboo Radical Activists tend to be a rowdy bunch. Seeing as they prefer trying the new - to enhancing the old, being dominant over being submissive... Read more

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