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Their result for The Noun Test ...

Hurricane Humberto

You scored 42 alignment, 33 paradoxicality, and 46 sentience!

Congratulations, you are Hurricane Humberto! A powerful force of devastating simplicity, you would forever change people's lives if only you would stop putzing around a thousand miles from humanity. Don't be content to be ignored by others! Rock their worlds and blow their minds!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • alignment Distribution

    They scored 42% on alignment, higher than 16% of your peers.

  • paradoxicality Distribution

    They scored 33% on paradoxicality, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • sentience Distribution

    They scored 46% on sentience, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results

Bad Clipart

Congratulations, you are Bad Clipart! While everyone hates you and wishes you would die, it's the simple truth that e-newsletters would be really boring without you. You bring spice to people's live... Read more


Congratulations, you are Lice! You tend to attach yourself to people and not let go, being a blood-sucking parasite; your victims can extract you only using a special shampoo consisting of threats to... Read more

A Dilophosaurus

Congratulations, you are a Dilophosaurus! Though you are deceptively beautiful, when excited you are able to spit corrosive venom on those who stand in your way. (You get excited easily.) I don't h... Read more


Congratulations, you are Primogeniture! As the practice of passing all property from the father to the eldest son, you are likely to be conservative and a bit elitist. (You are also really hard to i... Read more

Sock Puppets

Congratulations, you are Sock Puppets! A duplicitous being of malice and lies, you entertain humans while reviling them in your heart. You must learn to engage people with your true self, so that th... Read more

The Robot Devil

Congratulations, you are the Robot Devil! A trickster of metal and malice, your cold embrace awaits all who step off the conveyor belt of righteousness. To an extent you are needed to steer others a... Read more

Smoot-Hawley Tariff

Congratulations, you are the Smoot-Hawley Tariff! By cutting your inner self off from those around you, you plunge yourself (and everyone else) into a terrible depression. The best thing you can do ... Read more


Congratulations, you are Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder! You have ruined the lives of thousands by infesting their brains with illogic. People tend to feel the need to wash their hands after an encou... Read more

Lord Voldemort

Congratulations, you are Lord Voldemort! Your insidious evil will be the undoing of mankind, if the paradox of your existence doesn't destroy you first. You would be well advised to "know thyself," ... Read more

Luncheon Meats

Congratulations, you are Luncheon Meats! Filling my belly and found in a deli, your meaty deliciousness attracts scores of people to you. Unfortunately, some of them are flies and other parasites, s... Read more

Hurricane Humberto

Congratulations, you are Hurricane Humberto! A powerful force of devastating simplicity, you would forever change people's lives if only you would stop putzing around a thousand miles from humanity. ... Read more


Congratulations, you are Kenya! Your personality has amazing depth and variety, all laid out for anyone who visits to see. You cavort with giraffes and gazelles, but fear the lions and tigers that l... Read more

The Null Set

Congratulations, you are the Null Set! It's hard for anyone to put their finger on your true nature, because you aren't anything, not even nothing. Yet you know that you're the simplest person in th... Read more


Congratulations, you are Ska! You are an awesome form of Jamaican music that is neither too hard nor too soft, neither too smart nor too inane. Everyone enjoys being around you, especially when mari... Read more

Prime Min. of Japan

You are the Prime Minister of Japan in a Fez. Brilliant but misunderstood, you are seen as absurd by your less-talented peers. Little do they realize that someday the fez will come off, and then the... Read more

No True Scotsman

You are the No True Scotsman Fallacy! You hold firmly that no true Scotsman takes sugar on his porridge, and that the reason my good friend Angus does so is that Angus is not a true Scotsman. ... Read more

That Escher Sketch

Congratulations, you are That M. C. Escher Sketch with the Waterfall! One of the first known examples of a perpetual motion device, you are full of boundless energy; but you can be rather aimless in ... Read more

Sawdust Elemental

Congratulations, you are a Sawdust Elemental! A pile of sawdust brought to life by an obscure warlock dabbling in arts no man was meant to possess, you roam the Earth looking in vain for a kindred sp... Read more

Personal Hygiene

Congratulations, you are Personal Hygiene! You're so straightforward even an idiot can understand you, yet few indeed appreciate your value. But do not fear; those who oppose you will become stunnin... Read more

Webster's Unabridged

Congratulations, you are Merriam-Webster's New International Dictionary, 3rd Edition! Straightforward and authoritative, you are the one looked to when words fail us, and it is said that even the mea... Read more

A Frightened Raccoon

Congratulations, you are a Frightened Raccoon! You are the cutest and cuddliest of all God's creatures, yet in your simple innocence you recoil at the approach of those complex creatures called human... Read more


Congratulations, you are Palindromes! You read the same forwards and backwards, a reflection of your honesty and sincerity. You are a world traveler, having been everywhere from Elba to Panama. You... Read more

Emoticon Punctuation

Congratulations, you are Emoticons Used as Punctuation :D A beast of recent vintage, you unite grammar with the Shift key to express yourself clearly, emotively, and idiosyncratically :) Though some... Read more

Dog in a Kleenex

Congratulations, you are a Dog Wearing a Kleenex! Bizarre yet cute and cuddly, you bring joy to those around you while giving their eyebrows much-needed exercise. In all of Heaven and Earth there is... Read more

Logical Positivism

Congratulations, you are Logical Positivism! You nobly attempt to establish empiricism as the objective, assumptionless standard for knowing the world, yet forget that the validity of empiricism itse... Read more

Inferior Pornography

Congratulations, you are Inferior Pornography! Designed to arouse, yet evoking only laughter, you are truly the cornerstone upon which the world is founded. If only you can learn to take yourself a ... Read more

Spaghetti Monster

Congratulations, You are the Flying Spaghetti Monster! A highly paradoxical deity of great benevolence, You reach out and touch nonbelievers with Your Noodly Appendages. You have two giant meatballs... Read more

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