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Suitable Mate

I am free on Tusday, how about your good self?

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Just Plain Wrong

Even though this is a test of your personal opinions, you still managed to fail. That's impressive in a twisted sort of way. Read more

Not Dumb Enough

Scientific evidence has shown that while people who score in this percentile are legally allowed to wear shoelaces and belts, first-hand evidence suggests a few more practice runs might be needed. Read more

Call me "luke warm"

If we were to have a conversation in a bar somewhere, there is a reasonable chance we might get on. However, it would serve you well to keep in the back of your mind the idea that I just might decide... Read more

Light Grey

You are well on you way to becoming an urbane thinker, one who has heard a higher calling and is starting to see the error of their immature ways. Press on, grasshopper. Read more


The opposite of clueless. Truly a person with whom you would want to spend a rainy afternoon shopping around second hand stores for excess "U" tiles for your old scrabble set. Probably good in bed a... Read more

Suitable Mate

I am free on Tusday, how about your good self? Read more

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