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You are 75% sexy, 56 %slutty, and 72 %experienced

YOu are a plain and simple case. YOu are not Naughty, but not timid. You Have done some things, and refused to do others. TO put it simply, you are in the middle.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sexiness Distribution

    They scored 75% on sexiness, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • sluttiness Distribution

    They scored 56% on sluttiness, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • experience Distribution

    They scored 72% on experience, higher than 66% of your peers.

All possible test results

Pure and timid

You aren't up for much in the naughty department. Maybe being wild is not your thing, but try to step it up a little. Take a small jump for that really hot guy at the bar, or the cute waiter at the fa... Read more

Secretly passionate

Your not known as slut for obvious reasons, but you do have some experience. Way to go girl! You proved that sometimes the girl next door has some skeletons in her closet! Read more

Secret Sex Bomb

Your not a slut, and your not the type to be wild, but somehow you've done the dirty deeds that some of us only dream about. Way to keep it under wraps. Read more

All talk

Although you dream about doing some naughty things, and would be willing to do some, you've never actually done anything. THe really bad things scare you, but you can't help but wonder. Maybe its time... Read more

Your Easy

Although you've done things that most of us can only dream about, you lack some self control. You may be hot and on fire, but you lack the sexiness you could get from being a little hard to get. Read more


You have done more than others would think. Yet you lack the control in a relationship that can be really sexy. You do what your told, and what others want to make them happy, but you don't act like a... Read more


You make out with every guy that passes your way, but when it comes down to the dirty deeds, you pass up the offer to do anything. Try to be a little less slutty, and a little more action. Read more

Tricky slut

Your not the sex bomb that you think you are. Although you are naughty in the sense that you now how to be slutty, and you've done and tried things before, you lack a certain sexiness that turns on th... Read more

Too easy

You are the champ, you slut it up to get the guy, and then you do things unimaginable to the common people surrounding you. You are naughty to almost perfection except for the fact that you aren't har... Read more


You are sexy, but its almost as if you don't know it. You don't act like a slut, and you haven't done many naughty things, yet you have this characteristic that leaves guys wanting more. Read more

Hard to get

You are a sex bomb. You've done things that no one can even imagine, yet you've only done it with some people. You don't just have sex with everything that walks, you find a guy you really like, and y... Read more

Sex bomb

You have done things that most guys wish for in their deepest fantasies. Your not the sexiest women on Earth, but you are sexy. YOu pick the right guys to be naughty with, and you do your thing! Read more

Timid dreamer

Your the type who dreams about having sex on the beach in broad daylight, but not about anything worse. You are willing to do some incredible things, but unfourtunately you never, or rarely have. Read more


YOu are a plain and simple case. YOu are not Naughty, but not timid. You Have done some things, and refused to do others. TO put it simply, you are in the middle. Read more


YOu have done things that every guy desires, to only the select guys. Your sexy, but not the sexiest, and you dont screw everything that walks. YOu are a lady, who has a wild side. Read more

Your True Desires...

You are the type who fantasizes over and over again about forbidden sex that seems too dirty to be possible. YOu lack a cretain sexiness from your lack to take action. Your afraid to unleash your wild... Read more

A little naughty

Your naughty, but you not the most naughty. Your very prone to flirting, and the discussion/ fantasizing of really naughty things, yet for now your in the middle for what you have actually done. Read more

Almost Perfect

Your so close to being a naughty girl that its just out of your reach. You have done the deeds and acted the part, but for some reason you lack the final sexiness that would bring you all the way. Read more


You are the type of sexy that people have to look twice at to make sure its real. In order to become the sex bomb everyone knows you can be, you need to unleash the wild girl that is hidden deep down ... Read more


YOur a sexy girl who does the normal thing and has casual sex with a reasonable amount of partners. Although you are not a wild child, your a perfectly fine chick who enjoys sex, but also enjoys the r... Read more

Hot stuff

you are a sexy girl with a few tricks up your sleeve. You get what you want because you know, and your not afraid to take a dive on the wild side. You enjoy the crazy parts of sex, but your not easy. ... Read more

a little shy

YOur sexy, and willing, but the time just hasnt come for you to be a wild child.Try to find the right guy (or guys) that you can enjoy yourself with (and he can enjoy himself too) . Read more

A little bit naughty

Your hot, but your not as willing as others may be. You don't have the experience because your not willing, and thats ok. If you dont want it, then you don't need to have it! Read more

Feeling naughty?

You've done things that most guys can only fantasize about. YOu are a sexy girl who knows what she wants and gets it, but still manages to be a little bit hard to get. Way to go! Read more

Nothing but dreams

you love the idea of being a naughty girl with nothing to lose, and you have the confidence and attitude to back it up. But for some reason, you have never taken action and set out to get what you kno... Read more

Naughty but nice

You want a lot, but you have a little. Your not completely shut out from your wild side, but your not a wild child either. YOur sexy, and willing, but you need a little bit of help on the execution. G... Read more


YOu are a full out naughty girl. You know what you want, and you get it. YOur the type of girl all guys want, and fantasize about. Congragulations on your complete comfort in your sexuality! Read more

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