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Their result for The Long Bus Trip Personality Test ...

The Secret Genius

Strange, but well-behaved, you're The Secret Genius (Quiet Crazy Considerate Sober). Your quiet musings make it seem like you're either one of those genius/eats only red Smarties combos, or genius/strangles college boys in the park combos. The person next to you probably won't be bothered, but they won't sleep much either.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • introversion Distribution

    They scored 57% on introversion, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • sanity Distribution

    They scored 38% on sanity, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • consideration Distribution

    They scored 62% on consideration, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • sobriety Distribution

    They scored 82% on sobriety, higher than 58% of your peers.

All possible test results


Congratulations, you're almost guaranteed to have an extra seat to yourself! Why? Because you're Buszilla (Loud Crazy Inconsiderate Intoxicated). You won't shut up, you probably have anger manageme... Read more

The Preacher

You're loud. You're proud. You don't have a clue. You're The Preacher (Loud Crazy Inconsiderate Sober). Normally someone your busmate would pity, you're the source of endless, unwanted chatter. Y... Read more

The Sloppy BFF

Ready to make a new friend, you're The Sloppy BFF (Loud Crazy Considerate Intoxicated). In some ways, you're among the hardest people to sit beside because despite your loud, endless gabbing and tend... Read more

The Firecracker

Always a treat, you're The Firecracker (Loud Crazy Considerate Sober). You don't mean to be a pain, but let's face the facts. You have a couple of loose screws, and you're not hiding it very well. ... Read more

The Raging Drunk

Normally a functioning member of society, the bus has turned you into The Raging Drunk (Loud Sane Inconsiderate Intoxicated) and it looks like your cocktail of choice this time is two parts bad manner... Read more

The Jerk

You're The Jerk (Loud Sane Inconsiderate Sober), but you probably don't care. You won't shut up, and you're stuff is everwhere. The worst part is that because you're both sane and sober, you have no... Read more

The Lush

Sort of like the equivalent of the spinster who has too much egg nog at the office Christmas party, you're The Lush (Loud Sane Considerate Intoxicated). You're not rude per se, it's just that you're ... Read more

The Chatterbox

Preyed upon by the crazy and the drunk, you're The Chatterbox (Loud Sane Considerate Sober). You're up for some good conversation, but you're not going to annoy anyone who wants a quiet ride. But be... Read more

The Time Bomb

Tick tock. You're The Time Bomb (Quiet Crazy Inconsiderate Intoxicated). You can't sit still, you're obviously not all there, and you smell like gin. Sure, you're not asking for the time every five... Read more

The Alien

Obviously not living in the same world as the rest of us, you're The Alien (Quiet Crazy Inconsiderate Sober). You're not trying to be a douche, but your inability to act like a human being isn't goin... Read more

The Solo Groove

A party for one, you're The Solo Groove (Quiet Crazy Considerate Intoxicated). You're not out to bother anyone, and for the most part you won't. It's just that a bottle of Jack and some hardcore (ye... Read more

The Secret Genius

Strange, but well-behaved, you're The Secret Genius (Quiet Crazy Considerate Sober). Your quiet musings make it seem like you're either one of those genius/eats only red Smarties combos, or genius/st... Read more

The AccidentalJunkie

If two Gravols are good, then three must be great! This is the logic of The Accidental Junkie (Quiet Sane Inconsiderate Intoxicated). In reality, it's poor reasoning skills, not a substance abuse pr... Read more

The Slob

A common nuisance, you're The Slob (Quiet Sane Inconsiderate Sober). You have the uncanny ability to make what looks like an established mess in record time. Your seatmate would probably be impresse... Read more

The Garden Gnome

High and shy, you're The Garden Gnome (Quiet Sane Considerate Intoxicated), and like your namesake you really don't do much more than sit there with a stupid look on your face. Take comfort in the fa... Read more

The Nice Guy

You're the beige of the bus world. You are to Buszilla what young Helen Keller is to adult Helen Keller. You're The Nice Guy (Quiet Sane Considerate Sober). You've done everything right, and that's... Read more

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