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Fallen Hero

You scored 35% villainy!

Examples of Fallen Heroes:
Hawk Girl
Batman Beyond's Batman

The word fallen here doesn't mean that you're beyond redemption; instead it means that a large part of what makes you so heroic is the fact that you've once known what it was like to be stuck in a situation where you weren't the hero at all. You know what it's like, all right, and you hate being in that position; either to atone for that previous time, or because you want to be the kind of person that can look back on the past with contentment, knowing that you did the right thing, you fight for the side of good whole-heartedly, sometimes even obsessively. You'd do anything you had to, to save people; you consider yourself less important than those you're trying to save.

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    They scored 35% on villainy, higher than 14% of your peers.

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Examples of innocents: Jimmy Olsen Mophir Innocent bystanders You're not really even a hero, most of the time, but your general alignment is good. You may not have to fight evil every ... Read more

'Carefree' Hero

Examples of 'carefree' heroes: Hawk and Dove Booster Gold Zatanna You're a carefree hero. This doesn't mean you don't care about things, or that you don't want to save the world just a... Read more

Self-Reliant Hero

Examples of self-reliant heroes: Cyborg Green Arrow Black Canary You don't really like working in groups, but you can; and you don't like having to take orders, but you can. The differ... Read more

Cheery Hero

Examples of Cheery heroes: Flash Beast Boy Starfire Maybe life can suck sometimes. Maybe you've seen your share of hardship and sad things. Maybe you've even had times when you used to... Read more

Stepkid Hero

Examples of stepkid heroes: Batgirl Supergirl Nightwing You're one of the more bitter types of hero out there. Sure, you still believe in doing the right thing and so on and so forth, ... Read more

Serious Hero

Examples of Serious heroes: Green Lantern Steel J'onn J'onnz (Martian Manhunter) You don't take nonsense from anybody because you've got no reason to. You worked hard to get where you ... Read more

Fallen Hero

Examples of Fallen Heroes: Hawk Girl Aquaman Batman Beyond's Batman The word fallen here doesn't mean that you're beyond redemption; instead it means that a large part of what makes y... Read more

Borderline Hero

Examples of Bordeline Heroes: Red X Dr. Fate A.M.A.Z.O. So maybe you're unorthodox; maybe, even, you don't really care a whole lot about good versus evil, and so on, but if push comes ... Read more

Super Hero

Examples of Super Heroes: Superman Wonder Woman Orion In terms of good, you're Real Good. You're super strong, generally speaking, and you believe firmly in what's right. If we were to... Read more

Dark Hero

Examples of Dark Heroes: Batman Raven Robin You fight dirty for the cause of good. It's not because you're evil, or because you're mean; you're not misunderstood, either (no, you're p... Read more

Annoying Villain

Examples of Annoying villains: Mr. Mxyzptlk Mad Stan Soto (and his alien dog) You're an annoying villain. You yourself may not be annoying, but if you were to take up villainry, I can ... Read more

Henchman Villain

Examples of Henchmen: LexCorp employees Cinderblock Expendable Thugs You rarely even get called by a specific name in the world of DC Animated. You're expendable and usually not redeem... Read more

Gang Villain

Examples of gangs: the Royal Flush family the Jokerz (Dee Dee, Chucko, Ghoul, Woof, Bonk) the Injustice Gang Not usually particularly effective in actually carrying out your plans, you... Read more

Pawn Villain

Examples of Pawns: Terra Kalibak Killer Croc You're not very bright. You're not very nice. And if you really wanted to be good, you /could/ be. This is part of what makes you such a vi... Read more

Tragic Villain

Examples of Tragic villains: Mr. Freeze Clayface Scarface and Ventriloquist You would never have joined the side of evil if your life of good hadn't been interrupted by the cruelty of ... Read more

Accidental Villain

Examples of accidental villains: Parasite Shriek The Riddler You never would have chosen the path of evil, but now that you're on it, you've found you like it. You were perhaps exceedi... Read more

Manipulative Villain

Examples of Manipulative villains: Malchior Spellbinder The Scarecrow You like taking people's weaknesses and using them against people. Part of it might be an amusement at how easily ... Read more

Scary Villain

Examples of scary villains: Dr. Destiny Gorilla Grodd Inque Okay, you're just scary. You're willing to kill or hurt people for all of the most wrong, most frightening reasons; you're ... Read more

Sneaky Villain

Examples of Sneaky villains: Lex Luthor Ra's Al Ghul Derek Powers (Blight) While you are terrifying in your own right, the most unnerving thing about you is how good you are at pretend... Read more

Evil Incarnate

Examples of EVIL INCARNATE: The Joker Brainiac Slade You're just downright evil. Evil isn't measured by hate, though, or just willingness to be cruel. It's measured by just how much pa... Read more

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