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Their result for The Muppet Personality Test ...


You scored 60 Mood and 46 Energy!

You are cheery, energetic and achievement oriented. You are a hard worker and you are proud of your accomplishments.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Mood Distribution

    They scored 60% on Mood, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • Energy Distribution

    They scored 46% on Energy, higher than 12% of your peers.

All possible test results

Statler and Waldorf!

Tired and cranky, you like to sit back and point out the flaws of others. Good for you! You're not half bad....you're all bad! Read more

Sam the Eagle!

You are Sam the Eagle...organized, glum and sometimes hard on others. You are good at taking charge and getting things done, but sometimes you scare small children with your stern demeanor and scary w... Read more


Why so worried? Calm down! Stop making those weird noises! You're Beeker, which means you are stressed out and could probably use a vacation away from the Laboratory... Read more


You are eccentric and often feel somewhat removed from your peer group. You are loveable and sensitive, but sometimes suffer from bouts of depression and existential angst. Read more

Fozzie Bear!

Aww, you're the nervous, exasperated Fozzie bear! You like attention. Sometimes you feel like life just never gives you a break, but you still try to keep your sense of humor through it all. Read more

Miss Piggy!

Beautiful, tough and totally uncompromising with a low tolerance for other people's crap, you're miss piggy. Read more

Rowlf the Dog!

Easy-going and fun, Rowlf is the talented, piano playing dog with a heart of gold. You go with the flow and people are attracted to your personality. Read more


You are cheery, energetic and achievement oriented. You are a hard worker and you are proud of your accomplishments. Read more

Swedish Chef!

You are happy and energetic. People just love being around you and your infectious energy. You're good at entertaining people without even trying, and you make a mean lutefisk. Read more


Fun-loving and carefree, you tend to amaze and delight those around you. You are free-sprited and open and you don't tend to worry too much. Read more


Kermit is the down-to-earth, regular everyman (or in this case everyfrog). You're energetic, enthusiastic and everyone likes you! Sometimes, you get frustrated with your friends and with life's little... Read more


No doubt about it: You are pure id, you pure animal. You are a ball of happy energy, and when you get going, nothing can stand in your way. Sometimes this energy can be intimidating to others, but it ... Read more

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