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Sunblock 5,000,000

Ok well, you probably would have tripped on a rock and died or been mugged to death by raiders before your strength ever really shone through. Nevertheless I'll let you know that your ability to anticipate and survive nuclear fallout is somewhat impressive.

All possible test results

Dead Meat

Congratulations hotshot, your irradiated meat. Everything from fallout to bugs to mutated babies will have killed you before you ever make it thirteen feet. Well done. Read more

Twitching Meat

Ok so here's the deal. You would have been fried by radiation and become mutated goat food. Plus side is you had a fifty fifty shot of walking away from a bad encounter without losing a considerable c... Read more

Commando Meat

Odd. You couldn't pull your head out to survive fallout, couldn't use even a boyscout's knowledge to survive nature, but somehow no human thing on this wasteland of a planet could so much as touch you... Read more

Half-Dead Hippy

Fallout turned you into fried chicken, sucks to be you. And let's not forget you got bullied by every little radiated bastard in the wasteland. But you've got a way with nature. So the plus side is yo... Read more

Camp-Happy Lawyer

Ok, so somehow you never caught on to the notion that radiation tends to stick around for about seventy years. Big whoop. I mean, being french fried isn't so bad is it? The good news is you're halfway... Read more

Tree Huggin Killer

Now there ya go, not too bad. You dealt with all your human encounters well and did half alright with nature's call. So you're working your way towards that bright shiny goal. Course it doesn't mean m... Read more

Hippy On A Stick

Alright, my main plant loving man (or woman). You go homie! You performed excellently when dealing with Nature's obstacles. But unfortunately for you the wasteland fried ya up and the raiders ate ya. ... Read more

Hippy With Attitude

Well well well. Looks like the forces of nature are no match for you green thumb. Didn't do too bad with the cutthroats and cannibals either. Keep it up. Maybe next time you won't get flash fried by t... Read more

Guardian of Gardens

You are one bad mother of a green thumb. You killed or thought your way out of every encounter you had with either man or nature. Very impressive. Now can you do it without being turned into an extra ... Read more

Sunblock 2,000,000

Good news: You'd probably survive the fallout of nuclear war without too much vomiting. Bad news: You'd probably be dead from the elements or the other people before it mattered. Try again though, you... Read more

Baked Bouncer

Well the plants and animals of the wasteland were too much for you. Sucks, I know. BUT you didn't do half bad when dealing with the fallout and human encounters. By all means try again, you're halfway... Read more

One Bad Fry

Well, no one can doubt your survivalist potential now. You whooped ass against man and made fallout into nothin'. Now if you could just conquer nature you'd be all right. Read more

Nature Lover

You do have an affinity for surviving PLANETARY hardships it seems. You managed to overcome fallout and nature in the wasteland. But people are too much for you to handle. Try again and see if you can... Read more


Oh you're good. Not the best, not yet. But definately good. You managed to survive the fallout without TOO much damage, overcame nature's obstacles without puking TOO much, and anytime you encounter a... Read more

Green Beret

Nicely done. Very nicely Done. You're close now to being one of the true elites. No human on this earth can mess with you without seriously risking the loss of a large portion of their body. You also ... Read more

Natural Freak

Ok, the good news is that you could probably build a small village with your knowhow and ability to co-exist with nature in the wasteland. And you deal with fallout well enough to keep you alive long ... Read more


Nicely done, very very nicely done. You not only mastered the wasteland's nature but you apparantly used its plants to strangle half your human encounters and got only a little crispy from the fallout... Read more

Airborne Soldier

Good news. Your ability to survive off the land and deal with any potential threat with the calm cool precision that Army Airborne wings require give you outstanding survival skills in the wasteland. ... Read more

Sunblock 5,000,000

Ok well, you probably would have tripped on a rock and died or been mugged to death by raiders before your strength ever really shone through. Nevertheless I'll let you know that your ability to antic... Read more

Angry Poolboy

Well, like a poolboy you wear enough sunblock to avoid taking in radioactivity and like an angry poolboy you'd probably whoop a woman's husband when you're caught sleeping with her. Now just try again... Read more

Ultimate Warrior Fry

You're an unstobbable force to your enemies, almost immune to radiation it seams. BUT completely unable to deal with ANYTHING nature throws at you. Try again, see what you've learned. Read more

Well Shaded Hippy

Well, the fallout didn't kill ya. Congrats on that I suppose. And yes, nature seems to be on decent terms with ya. Good and all. Unfortunately every raider and cannibal you met tore out your spine and... Read more

Army Regular

Oh, very nice. Fallout wasn't even a factor for you. And your Nature and human encounters obviously didn't stop you. Well done. Keep it up and try again, who knows how far you'll go. Read more

Marine Recon

Ok, you're bad. You're one bad mamma-jamma. Every human you encountered in the wasteland is now a puddle of goo. Your nature skills are obviously very good. And your fallout resistance is most impress... Read more

Cool Gardener

You're quite the gardener. Impervious to fallout and not even phased by nature the wasteland presents little trouble for you. But the people in it could still kick your face in on a moment's notice. T... Read more

Army Ranger

You're almost there. So close to being one of the elite of the elite. Your fallout didn't even slow you down. You're one with nature, everything from plants to snakes are your friends. Try again and w... Read more

Delta Force

YOU ARE THE ELITE! Nothing can stop you. Nature's wrath doesn't even make you blink. Men shoot at you and you play with the bullets like marbles, and fallout doesn't even make you itch. Congratulation... Read more

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