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pretty close!

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we'd be friends at the very least. way to go!

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    They scored 59% on score, higher than 37% of your peers.

All possible test results


pathetic, we have nothing in common. leave me now. Read more


i will talk to you i guess. but don't push it. Read more


not to bad. maybe we'll get along, maybe we won't. Read more

pretty good

good job. but still not an ideal match. Read more

pretty close!

we'd be friends at the very least. way to go! Read more

almost perfect!

wow, you're pretty awsome. way to go. i am proud of you're awsome-ness Read more

so so close

you are almost perfect, but perfect is boring right? i'm proud of your almost perfect mixutre of dorkyness and suaveness. Read more


you are perfect. little bit dorky, little bit awsome, lot like me. way to go. lets be friends! Read more

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