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Their result for The Billie Joe Test ...


You scored 43 Obsession and 66 Knowledge!

You obsess in the middle and know in the middle...we all know......

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Obsession Distribution

    They scored 43% on Obsession, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Knowledge Distribution

    They scored 66% on Knowledge, higher than 0% of your peers.

All possible test results

You disgust me.....

Why did you take this test? You disgust me.....Billie Joe rocks, and someday you will realize that!!!!!!!!!! Read more


Youre not a total sucker, but if you want to be a total green day fan...I suggest you learn some more things. Read more


Your not very obbsesed, but you do know pretty good stuff about green day. You just like the music RIGHT? Read more


You dont obsess, but hey? Whats the bid deal about that\? You know almost eveything and everything about greenday, just....your not a stalker....RIGHT? Read more

HIgh FIve!

Awsome job!You know TONS of stuff about greenday! Unfortunatly, you arent obsessed over them. But hey sometimes its a good thing! Read more


Well you obsess a little but you are very dumb on the knowledge side. Better luck next time........ Read more

Uhh okayes

Hmm.. you have a bit of knowldege and a bit of obsession, but you know, I think you should start focusing on just 1 part. Read more


You obsess a little and know a lot! Thats great! Read more


You know a lot about them...blah blah blah, but you dont obsess over Billie Joe........blah blah blah Read more

Pretty good.......

It seems you know as much as billie joe as I do! But youre not a obbsessive fan called Mrs.Armstorng. Think of that is a good thinng, cuz if you were......then you wouldnt be alive right now :P(IM MRS... Read more

Your dumb..

Your dumb....but obsessieve..its a good thing too .......... Read more

A little smarter

Description 12Your a little smarter then some, and and a bit more obsessieve! hey thats a good thing! Read more


You are balanced. You know pretty good stuff, and sometimes a couple of autograhps wouldnt hurt. But yu always know when to stop your craziness Read more


You obsess in the middle and know in the middle...we all know...... Read more


You know a lot and you obsess pretty rough. Nice.......... Read more


Your clueless about Billie Joe. Yet you love him....yeah I dont think he will fall for you....... Read more


You dont know to much about greenday but you do obsess over Billie Joe pretty well. Read more


Your obsession is higher than knowledge, but who cares? if you love Billie Joe then no one cares if you know little about him! Read more


You are just perfectly balanced out. You know TONS about Billie Joe and you obsess like a crazy doggie! GOOD WORK! Read more


You know everything and anything about him, and you obsess over him great! CONGRATZ! Read more


You are probably a stalker, looking for his used tissues, or gumm outside his recoring studio, and let me guess, you have no clue about him do you? Read more

Still crazy.....

You might not have washed your hand for the past 3 years, but at least you know SOMETHING about Billie Joe! Read more


Good job persons! You obviously obsess over Billie Joe, and know SOME stuff abut him! Congratz! Read more

So close......

Ohh... so close! You love him you know almsot everything about him BUT not enough! Your still a HUGE fan of him though! Read more


YAY!!! I feel to good to finnaly know that there is someone like me! You probably know everything about him, every thing he did, you might have even started a fist fight with your stuffed animal when ... Read more

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