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The Sinker

You are suicide method #13###

Dark, cold, scary and painful. You are suicide via drowning.

People have to plan a little before they come to you for help. You're not as easy to employ as some, but you spark the imagination like few other forms of relief can.

At your best, you're a pocket full of rocks and a head full of determination. At worst, you're a Baywatch castmember hellbent on saving people from making their own choices.

Only a select few have what it takes to make use of your talents, and those few don't mind a significant amount of discomfort before greeting the void.

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    They scored 43% on suicidepoints, higher than 32% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Celebrity

That's right; you're the most popular form of suicide among the rich and famous. You are the massive drug overdose. Your narcotic embrace feels like heaven on earth right up to the very end...so ... Read more

The Deep Breath

The classic suburbanite method of release...you are suicide by asphyxiation. You're easily employed, simple, direct and relatively painless. Sometimes you take form as carbon monoxide, lulling pe... Read more

The Upset Stomach

Ah yes, the household remedy for all of life's woes. You are death by poison. You can be a bit wishy washy at times. You don't always get the job done right, but really, it's all about circumsta... Read more

The Limp Wrist

Classic, romantic, daydreamer; you are suicide by cut wrists. You are known to a good number of people, but very few of them understand your true nature. You are creative and attractive, but doub... Read more

The Headache

Straight up, no fuckin' around...you are suicide via gunshot to the head. Some of the less determined people come to you half-heartedly and confused, so it's not your fault they only manage to wip... Read more

The Swinger

Classic, morbid and emotionally scarring for whoever discovers you. You are suicide by hanging. You offer the most basic solution to living. Even the uneducated and unimaginitive find solace in ... Read more

The Sinker

Dark, cold, scary and painful. You are suicide via drowning. People have to plan a little before they come to you for help. You're not as easy to employ as some, but you spark the imagination li... Read more

The Rubber Ducky

Good lord...people who come to you for help are looking for serious answers to some pretty fucked up questions. You are suicide via electricity in the bathtub. Not only do you offer no promises, ... Read more

The Sunday Driver

Wow...you are consumate desperation with a flare for drama. You are suicide by motor vehicle. A great many people wish they could be like you, but precious few have the bravery to make it happen.... Read more

The Chicken Winner

Ever played the game "Chicken" before? I think you have, and you won every time. You are suicide by speeding train or automobile. Rather than take the lead, you're perfectly comfortable waiting ... Read more

The Last Step

Classic, dramatic, terrifying. You are suicide via tall building or bridge. You have a healthy sense of drama, and that's part of what has kept you popular for so long. You're the perfect method... Read more

The Assisted Suicide

Drop the weapon! Bliggity-BANG! Oh...it was just a squirt gun. You are suicide via police officer. It takes an amazing amount of bravery to be you. For one thing, you don't mind allowing other ... Read more

The Postal Employee

That's right...take a few with you. You are suicide and killing spree combined. Generally the solution you offer is a gunshot to the head, but you concern yourself more with what happens prior to... Read more

The Human Torch

Two words: fucking insane. You are suicide via fire. You may be more popular in countries other than your own, but don't worry...your talents will catch notice at home before long. You are th... Read more

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