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HAHA Shit!

Below is all I can say!

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    They scored 0% on Knowledge of Me, higher than 22% of your peers.

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HAHA Shit!

Below is all I can say! Read more

Why Bother

Um..... You don't know me do you? Nope thought not, don't worrie, unless you are an actual friend. Then take that friend...you shit! You'd probably leave me on my own and let me stand like patrick in ... Read more

Don't Listen

You don't listen to what I say, I don't think were friends, if we are Then take that friend...you shit! (this is because you don't know enough about me, maybe now you would like to learn) we could be ... Read more

Your Okay.

Well you know some stuff but not enough, listen to me more when I speak!But don't worry, we could be friends! (we could be like Spongebob and Patrick) Read more

Good Friends

Were Friends, but you probably speak over me alot. You know stuff but just the stuff other people know, your don't know me inside and out, But were still friends. :D Were probably great drinking buddi... Read more


We are friends, and you listen to me alot. You obviously know me well and we will always be friends. If I don't know you then, bloody hell, you're :D Were like two little puppies great fun! Read more

Best Friend

You know everything about me! Its kinda scary, but we obviously are the bestest of friends, and you listen to me! :D (but if you are Joe then you probably cheated) This makes me Spongebob and you Gary... Read more

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