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The Evil Genius-MFSF (Modern,Fantastic,Stealth,Finesse)

62% Modernity, 45% Realism, 52% Stealth and 37% Brute-force!

So your technically not a warrior? so what if you prefer to do your killing indirectly? You can either achieve this through manipulating others do do your bidding, or by some kind of weapon, whether magical (i.e. deathnote) or scientific (space laser?) Your the mastermind. Why put yourself at risk? that's just stupid. Your trying to take over the world and besides, this way is much more fun, gives you a high from the sense of power.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Modernity Distribution

    They scored 62% on Modernity, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Realism Distribution

    They scored 45% on Realism, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • Stealth Distribution

    They scored 52% on Stealth, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Brute-force Distribution

    They scored 37% on Brute-force, higher than 45% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Knight-ORHX (Old-school,Realistic,Honorable,Some Finesse)

The title of Knight is a great honor bestowed upon a warrior by a king, and to that King and country lies the knight's loyalty, his duty. To a Knight, the most important thing in batle is hono... Read more

The Bandit-ORSB (Oldschool,Realistic,Stealthy,Brute-force)

You like to steal things, perhaps without killing, perhaps not. You hang out in no-man's-land, places like deserts going through popular trade routes or the arctic. That means the only ... Read more

The SuperHero-MFSB (Modern,Fantastic,Stealth,Brute-force)

You have to keep a secret identity to protect the people you love and to allow yourself to live a normal life outside of the super hero routine. But you get cool ... Read more

The Gundam Pilot-MFHB (Modern,Fantastic,Honorable,Brute-force)

You gotta Giant robot. You can destroy whatever city you like. Tanks. Bah, what are they gonna do?   "Living here in Jersey fighting villians from afar.... You gotta find first gear ... Read more

The Evil Genius-MFSF (Modern,Fantastic,Stealth,Finesse)

So your technically not a warrior? so what if you prefer to do your killing indirectly? You can either achieve this through manipulating others do do your bidding, or by some kind of weapo... Read more

The Jedi-MFHF (Modern,Fantastic,Honorable,Finesse)

Jedi is like a space-samurai (highly disciplined warrior, trained from a young age, sagity, etc.) Plus you get to use the force, which has a light and a dark side and holds the universe to... Read more

The Riflemen-MRHF (Modern,Realistic,Honorable,Finesse)

Not as flashy as the gernade luacher, but you are a more reasonable warrior. You can't just blow up stuff, lot of collatoral damage that way. A bullet through the head will kill you just ... Read more

The Gunslinger-XRHF (Semi-modern,Realistic,Honorable,Finesse)

Your one of those old-west cowboys who seem to draw trouble wherever they go without hardly even doing anything, but that's okay becuase you live on the edge of danger. People must be craz... Read more

The Bazookaman-MRHB (Modern,Realistic,Honorable,Brute-force)

Screw staying hidden. I wanna blow up things! And what better to do that with than a Bazooka? I mean really, who wants to mess with a frekkin Bazooka? Even a noob can pwn  you with one of... Read more

The Viking-ORHB (Old-school,Realistic,Honorable,Brute-force)

A brutal and barbaric warrior, the the viking rules the sea on his longship. This is a race of people who've survived the harsh norse-lands by raiding and pillaging. Read more

The Spirit-OFSB (Old-school,Fantastic,Stealthy,Brute-force)

Your like a ghost or a demon or something. You don't play fair. You can possess people and turn invisible. Screw this crap I'm not fighting a ghost! Read more

The Stealth Bomber-MRSB (Modern,Realistic,Stealthy,Brute-force)

You fly in on your invisible B-2 air-craft and before your enemies ever know your there, you drop some "Iraqi Freedom" out of the sky and blow them to tiny bite-sized pieces.... Read more

The Sniper-MRSX (Modern,Reaistic,Stealthy,half-finesse)

Once upon a time snipers were thought of as so cowardly that if they had to lie about what they did in the war, not wanting to shoot a man where he can look him in the eyes. Luckily for yo... Read more

The Dragon Rider-OFHB (Old-school,Fantastic,Honorable,Brute-force)

You be pimpin flyin' in on dat big dragon that be breathin' that there fire. The dragon is not merely a mount like a horse, the dragon and its rider share a special bond. But come on reall... Read more

The Shanker-MRSF (Modern,Reaistic,Stealthy,Finesse)

As a professional in "the business," you shank with style. It calls less suspiscion to you than carrying around a gun, is cheaper and when won't even make a bunch of noise that would ca... Read more

The Ninja-ORSX (Old-school,Realistic,Stealth,Irrelevant)

Your a frekkin Ninja! You can jump roof to roof in the night and give your friends free cable! You are a stealth warrior, a skilled assassin who knows no honor. Read more

The Wizard-OFXF (Old-school,Fantastic,Irrelevant,Finesse)

You open your book and chant some words, calling upon ancient mystical powers. A wizard is an intellecutual, a person who's studied magic for a long time and knows the ins and outs./stron... Read more

The Samurai-ORHF (Old-school,Realistic,Honorable,Finesse)

The Katana is the weapon of the samurai, most disciplined of warriors. The samurai trains his whole life to master the art of the blade.The Katana is not only a weapon, but the samurai's s... Read more

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a warrior who truly deserves his own class. If your not Chuck Norris, and you got this result that means something went terribly wrong with the test. Read more

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