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Fox Mulder

You scored 35% coolness and 35% caring!

You are Fox Mulder from "X-Files"! You are really into conspiracies - and that's your waek point at once! Some people might make fun of you for that but you do things out of persuasion. You put yourself out for the thing you believe in and that might be a strength. You are funny and a little crazy, but that only makes you more sympathetic

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • coolness Distribution

    They scored 35% on coolness, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • caring Distribution

    They scored 35% on caring, higher than 28% of your peers.

All possible test results

Nigel Bailey

You are Nigel Bailey from "Relic Hunter"! It's sometimes really frustrating to you that you are so bearish. You could curse the world for that, but sulking doesn't make it better. You need a strong p... Read more

Will Truman

You are Will Truman from "Will & Grace"! You are not that cool, but you don't care much about that. You are cool in your own kind of way. Your life sometimes seems very frustrating, but you make it f... Read more

Andrew Wells

You are Andrew Wells from "Buffy the vampire slayer"! Okay, you are not cool, but what's wrong with that, when you experienced the bad side and descided to do good after you've realised you made some... Read more

Xander Harris

You are Alexander LaVelle Harris from "Buffy the vampire slayer"! Hey, why be cool when you can be better in many other ways? That's your motto and you be proud of living by it- and you definately ca... Read more

Harrison Davies

You are Harrison Davies from "Tru Calling"! You'd better watch out and beware. You are a little too careless. That brings you into one or another awkward situation. Work things out and be more honest ... Read more

Fox Mulder

You are Fox Mulder from "X-Files"! You are really into conspiracies - and that's your waek point at once! Some people might make fun of you for that but you do things out of persuasion. You put yours... Read more

Max Evans

You are Max Evans from "Roswell"! You are a fighter and that's maybe because you are an outsider. You don't fit into every group and you need a really long time before you start trusting somebody. Yo... Read more

Dawson Leary

You are Dawson Leary from "Dawson's Creek"! To some people you might be a nerd, geek or whatever they call you. What they don't see is the really you! You are intelligent, kind and honest! You are li... Read more

Ryan Atwood

You are Ryan Atwood from "The O.C."! Even if you might be cool, you are a little too uncouth. You overestimate dangers much too often and that might get you into serious trouble. Not everybody gets a... Read more

John Crichton

You are John Crichton from "Farscape"! Sometimes it seems to you like you're stuck in another dimension. No one seems to understand you because they don't speak the same language as you. But don't be... Read more

Leo Wyatt

You are Leo Wyatt from "Charmed"! Your coolness and caring balance each other and that's because you have a lot of responsibility. Watch out that you don't get lost! You are a quite popular person b... Read more

Michael Vaughn

You are Michael Vaughn from "Alias"! You are cool in many ways but not in the true sense of the word. You aren't cold, you are compassionate and you fight for the people you love. Referring to love, ... Read more


You are Spike from "Angel/Buffy"! Even if you are able to feel love, there are things you are much more caring about: yourself! You might experienced some characteristical changes during the time but... Read more

Nate Fisher

You are Nate Fisher from "Six Feet Under"! You are looking for adventure and that's a thing you should keep an eye on! You could get lost in things you'd better be aware of. If you try you can be a r... Read more

Jack Shepard

You are Jack Shepard from "Lost"! When a person sees you for the first time, he or she might think you are very cool - and that's what you seem to be outwards. If they get the chance to get to know y... Read more


You are "Angel"! Congratulations! You are Angel. You can be caring and cool in the exact same way. There is a perfect balance between these two characteristics. There was a time you had to experience ... Read more

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