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You are Fennel! You're a cool cat. Crisp, clean, fresh, and extremely complicated. You're like quantum physics or modern jazz. Think Niels Bohr meets Ornette Coleman. You may look normal now, but once you sprout, you look kind of, uh, funny.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • intoxication Distribution

    They scored 50% on intoxication, higher than 23% of your peers.

  • hotness Distribution

    They scored 50% on hotness, higher than 35% of your peers.

  • complexity Distribution

    They scored 75% on complexity, higher than 28% of your peers.

  • craziness Distribution

    They scored 0% on craziness, higher than 3% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are Salt! You may be bland, but life just wouldn't be the same without you. You're plentiful and you come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. You bring out the flavour in whatever you... Read more


You are Coriander! You're subtle. So subtle that people often forget about you. You are refreshingly clean and rather odd. You're often misunderstood. Your key word is "latent;" all your potent... Read more


You are Fennel! You're a cool cat. Crisp, clean, fresh, and extremely complicated. You're like quantum physics or modern jazz. Think Niels Bohr meets Ornette Coleman. You may look normal now, but... Read more


You are Allspice! You are the flavour of the Caribbean. You are not, as many think, a mixture of spices; you are your own, very unique, spice. Though you may be found in the company of "jerks," you... Read more

Chiltepin Pepper

You are Chiltepin! You are extremely hot. You're so hot, you're the mother of all hotness. Although your heat is great, it diminishes quickly, so don't worry, you can't cause that much harm... or c... Read more

Jalapeño Pepper

You are Jalapeño! You're pretty damned hot and rather versatile. People may see you as a chameleon. You're naturally fresh, but you're most noticed and available when you're drunk, er, I mean, p... Read more


You are Garlic! No offence, but you stink. Pretty much everyone loves you, though. You're smart and pretty hot and you fit in with about any culture. You're a total cut-up; in fact, the more cut-u... Read more


You are Wasabi! You're pretty much insane. You're probably from another planet, even. When you're around people, you go straight for the crown chakra and get them all tingly. You're often imitated... Read more


You are Cardamom! Not many people know you. You're kind of sweet, subtle, and maybe even shy. You're definitely understated and totally underrated. But once people get to know you, they can't get ... Read more

Poppy Seeds

You are Poppy Seeds! You seem innocent enough, but you're dangerous. You sneak up on people with your seductive ways, hiding in plain sight. When you grow to your full potential, those who really g... Read more


You are Saffron! Those other spices have nothing on you! You're warm, smart, and you make people feel really good (and with no side-effects!). You can be difficult to get to know and require a lot ... Read more

Juniper Berries

You are Juniper Berries! You're a drunk. No, really. Cool it with the hooch. Just kidding. You're really good at adding flavour to boring old life. You can be astringent at times, but once the... Read more


You are Ginger! You're sweet and spicy. You've got an exotic flair, sexy even. People sometimes use you for, um, interesting purposes. Once you let your guard down, you're quite juicy and very goo... Read more

Habanero Pepper

You are Habanero! You're hot and very flavourful. Unlike most hot peppers, your fruity goodness really comes through. You're great in unexpected situations, and quite vibrant, to boot. You're fun,... Read more

Cayenne Pepper

You are Cayenne! You're known for your dry wit, saucy remarks, and ability to stimulate (take that however you want). People in hot climates like you for your ability to make them sweat, but you're ... Read more

Spice Melange

You are Spice. You're not from around here, are you? You're extremely valuable. While you resemble mundane cinnamon, you are much more interesting. People fight wars over you, but your giant worms... Read more

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