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Their result for The Mana Color Test ...

The Mad Scientist - Blue and Red

20% Black, 50% Blue, 14% Green, 34% Red and 27% White!

You are very intellegent and love to have fun. Some say that you have attention issues, but you are just very passionate about your wor... Oh look at the shiny! You get your creativity and passion from Red mana, while your cerebral nature comes from Blue mana. You are always on the move, looking for new ideas, new theories and new ways to blow stuff up. You gain power from Islands and Montains.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Black Distribution

    They scored 20% on Black, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • Blue Distribution

    They scored 50% on Blue, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • Green Distribution

    They scored 14% on Green, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • Red Distribution

    They scored 34% on Red, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • White Distribution

    They scored 27% on White, higher than 41% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Wild Behemoth - Red, Green and White

You do what comes naturally to you. Thanks to Green's influence, you allow your instincts and intuition. The presence of Red mana means that you enjoy being free and unconstrained. Thanks to the respe... Read more

The Order of Chivalry - Green, White and Blue

There are still those who believe in order and harmony. You are one of them. Green gives you a love of life and the open expanses of the land. Blue gives you a desire for understanding and control. Wh... Read more

The Iron Mind - White, Blue and Black

Control is the be all and end all for you. White mana controls through order. Blue mana controls through knowledge. Black mana controls through power. You control with all three. The mind is the great... Read more

The Ruthless Pursuer - Blue, Black and Red

You will make the world yours and you will rule it as you see fit. You are strongly individual, thanks to the influence of red mana. You are personally ambitious, due to black mana. You have a strong ... Read more

The Ultimate Survivor - Black, Red and Green

Nothing will defeat you. You have lived too long, you have passed too many trials, you have defeated too many foes to fall now. You are not only a survivor... you're the best survivor. They could drop... Read more

The Zealous Devotee - Black, White and Red

You are powerful in your convictions. If you believe in something, it near and deep in your heart, and you will do what it takes to defend it. Each trait comes from the influences of red, white and... Read more

The Political Philosopher - White, Red and Blue

Like all who embrace Red mana, you love your freedom, but it in you, there's a bit of a twist. While you enjoy the heterodox position as much as the next person, you still believe there is order to li... Read more

The Unfettered Mind - Red, Blue and Green

Nothing is beyond you. You have good instincts, a blessing of Green mana, combined with Red's creativity and Blue's knowledge. If there is a way to warp reality to your will, you know in your heart th... Read more

The Forbidden Sage - Blue, Green and Black

Knowledge always comes with a price. Knowledge is just as wild as any jungle. You may find what you want, but that's no guarantee you'll like it. This focus on knowledge is certainly the result of ... Read more

The Relentless Grower - Green, Black and White

While you are not necessarily a thinker (although nothing is stopping you), you are the ideal gas - you expand to fill your surroundings. Like the natural world, you are always growing and becoming be... Read more

The Natural Socialist - Green and White

You live to aid others. The White mana attuned to you means you tend to think in terms of groups rather than individuals, and the Green mana means you have a deep, deep respect for all living things. ... Read more

The Manipulator - Black and Blue

Life can usually be simplified to a few simple truths. And the only one that really matters is this: Knowledge is Power. If you wanted to be a bit more verbous and flamboyant, you may... Read more

The Hedonist - Black and Red

If there is one thing you enjoy, it's life. You know what you want and you persue it, living the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. Your pleasure and enjoyment is your primary concern. Black and ... Read more

The Beast - Green and Red

You combine the instinctual, wild nature of Green mana, with the passionate, freedom loving nautre of Red. You are a wild child, uninhibited, and occasionally destructive. There is no... Read more

The Mobster - Black and White

You place strong value on a very tight knit group of individuals and them alone. Your desire to have unity and social contact stems directly from your connection with White mana, while your urge fo... Read more

The Social Darwinist - Black and Green

Only the strong will survive, and you are the strongest of the strong. You see everything as a cycle of life and death, two sides of the same coin. Your focus on survival and growth comes from your Gr... Read more

The Enlightened Nauralist - Blue and Green

By understanding nature, we understand ourselves. Blue mana means that knowledge and comprehension are important to you, while Green mana means you show interest and concern for living things. You may... Read more

The Lawgiver - Blue and White

Society cannot function without law. This is a self evident truth that you hold dear, and wish that all would acknowledge it. Laws create relationships between different groups and declares what is go... Read more

The Mad Scientist - Blue and Red

You are very intellegent and love to have fun. Some say that you have attention issues, but you are just very passionate about your wor... Oh look at the shiny! You get your creativity and passion fro... Read more

The Militant (Wo)Man - Red and White

You are a warrior to the core. Red and White mana rarely overlap, but one place they certainly do is on the field of battle, like Ares and Athena. Red creates the passionate warrior within you, while ... Read more

The Assertive - Black

Black is the mana of ambition and self interest. While many try to cast it as unethical, the fact of the matter is that the modern Western societies are driven by money and self-inter... Read more

The Academic - Blue

If knowledge is power, than you are a god... or at least you're heading that way. Blue is the color of the mind, of the air and of the ocean. Your foes cannot defeat you, because you are ten steps ahe... Read more

The Wild - Green

The wild and free spaces of nature are associated with Green mana. To those under its influence, all of life is like a vast ecosystem, in which everything and everyone has a role or niche that it occu... Read more

The Free - Red

Freedom and liberty, passion and creativity, emotion and expression. These are the values that are expressed by those who are strongly influenced by Red mana. You dislike boundaries and control, you'd... Read more

The Order - White

Structure and unity are your primary concerns, for you are guided by White mana. You care for the needs of the group above those of individuals, and fall squarely on the side of law as opposed to chao... Read more


You are are connected to four or five of the colors of mana. It is difficult to say anything definative about you besides this one thing... You are unique. You are your own blend of coffee, your on me... Read more

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