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36% Inner-Outer 55% Head-Heart 50% Create-Control

Constellation: Aries
Traditionally covers: March 21 - April 19
Actually covers: April 19 - May 14
Element: Fire
Ruling Body: Mars

Aries, the Ram, is most known for his staring role in the popular children's story "Three Billy Goats Gruff", in which Aries confronts a troll who is guarding an important bridge. In the story, Aries knocks the troll down to his death, allowing the goats to live on the greener side of the river. This has lead to Aries being a symbol of self-determination and visionary leadership, with such people referring to themselves as "Arian". Curiously, this term seems to have dropped out of popularity in recent years, but was very common in Europe in the late 1930s and early 40s.

Likes: Greener Grass, Nationalism.
Dislikes: Jews, Black people.
Fun Fact: Some astrologers believe that Aries is actually connected to the Greco-Roman god Ares/Mars, but this seems far less likely than the Billy Goat thing.


...So, is this your sign? Were you born on the right day? If so, congratulations, you're one of the lucky few. If not, there are several possibilities as to why this may have occurred:

1) The dates of zodiac signs do not directly correspond to their respective constellations.
For various reasons, when the Zodiac calendar was developed, the edges of the constellations were fudged a bit to allow the sky (and therefore, year) to be divided into twelve even pieces. This made life easier for astrologers, as well as giving the signs a more even spread. In addition to this, since the signs were first established, the earth has "wobbled" somewhat, placing the constellations even further out.

2) New celestial bodies are constantly being discovered and/or reclassified.
At the time the signs were assigned their ruling bodies, Astronomers only knew of five other planets, (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), as well as the sun. Since then, an additional two planets have been discovered (Uranus and Neptune), as well as multiple dwarf planets, Kuiper-belt objects, and other really big things in the solar system. Furthermore, many celestial bodies, such as Pluto and Ceres were once planets, but have since been demoted to "dwarf planet" or just "big hunk of rock".

3) You're Chinese.
Or Indian. Or Native American or Babylonian or... whatever. The point is that the western Zodiac isn't the only one out there. Many other cultures have their own star signs, such as the Chinese Zodiac, which is divided into years. The Chinese Zodiac is probably the most popular, along with the western and Indian (Vedic) Zodiacs, but there are many more, including Persian-Arabic, Mesoamerican, Tibetan, Babylonian, Celtic, Kabbalistic and Germanic Runic astrologies. Try them all out, see what works for you.

4) Astrology is a load of bollocks.
If nothing else fits the bill either, then just make something up. Pick a random patch of the night sky, give it a cool sounding name and that can be your star sign. Your sign could be, for instance, Jim the Dyslexic Ninja Carrot. And because it's just for you, it doesn't need to be vague and random like most horoscopes. You could get up in the morning to go to work, check your horoscope and be stunned to read "Dude, get some milk. We're out." It's just that easy.

So thanks for playing. Tell your friends.

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  • Inner-Outer Distribution

    They scored 36% on Inner-Outer, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Head-Heart Distribution

    They scored 55% on Head-Heart, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Create-Control Distribution

    They scored 50% on Create-Control, higher than 48% of your peers.

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