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Their result for The Apple_Nut_Hole Test ...

Friend with Benefits

You scored 45 love, 62 friend, and 2 enemy!

Well, you are definitely someone with whom I could be great friends. Not only that, but I really really like you as more than friends. This is great! We'll remain friends, but definitely get a little sack action together.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • love Distribution

    They scored 45% on love, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • friend Distribution

    They scored 62% on friend, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • enemy Distribution

    They scored 2% on enemy, higher than 3% of your peers.

All possible test results

Not Much of Anything

Doesn't look like we could be lovers, friends, or even enemies. You scored pretty fucking low in all areas... Read more


You are definitely my enemy. We will never get along. I could try to get along with you, but overall, you're just not my kind of person. Too bad... Read more

Friend Potential

You have definite potential to be my friend, and nothing more. Read more

Friend I Dislike

Looks like you have potential to be my friend, and also my enemy. So I can be friends with you, but we may not get along all the time. Read more

Best of Friends!

You could be one of my best friends. Look how high you scored. Nice going, friend! Read more


Well, you've got plenty of potential for friendship with me, but also plenty for enemies. So I guess it could go either way...or both ways. Maybe you're that pretentious prick who likes hanging out ... Read more


Seems like I may have a crush on you. Certainly not love, or friends. But I did glance at you across the room, and giggled when you glanced back. Could become something more. Read more

Bad Boy

Seems as though we have more potential to be enemies than anything. I may be interested in you as more than friends, but we'll never get past that whole incompatibility thing. Read more

Middle of the Road

Seems we have potential in both love and friends. Most likely we'll just remain friends, because relationships ruin everything, but there will be some flirting for sure. Read more

Average for Me

Well, seems you scored middle in the good categories, and high in the enemies category...How you managed that? I have no clue. But anyway, I don't see why we can't be friends. However, with such a ... Read more

Friend with Benefits

Well, you are definitely someone with whom I could be great friends. Not only that, but I really really like you as more than friends. This is great! We'll remain friends, but definitely get a litt... Read more

Mixed Feelings

We have very high potential to be friends...and also to be enemies...and I'm inbetween on the love thing. So we could probably hash this one out and be friends in the end. Read more

Major Attraction

I have major attraction to you. We wouldn't make very good friends, but we'd be awesome lovers. Call me. Read more


Can two people really love and hate each other at the same time? Because that's how this is looking. Hmm...could be interesting. Read more

Nearly Perfect Match

Wow, with the way you scored, we're almost perfect for each other. Congratulations, you're nearly perfect for me. Read more

Almost Everything

Wow, looks like you are almost everything to me...lover, friend, and enemy. If you scored higher friend points, you would have the highest rank in every "compatibility factor". I wonder how that wou... Read more

Winner of my heart

Not only are you my best lover, but my best friend too. Thanks for doing so well on my test and NOT cheating. You must totally rock, and I think we could be friends and lovers forever more! Read more

Totally Unreal

How you managed this, I'll never know. But you scored highest for Love, Friends, and Enemies. So basically, our relationship, whatever it may be, will bubble over with contradiction. Be ready for a... Read more

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