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56% aggressive, 0% instrumental, 26% sophistication, 50% weird!




"Give it to the Soft Boys!  The Soooofft Boys!"

I've heard their style once described as psychedelic punk.  Is this accurate?  They did their work 1976-1980, which was, essentially, the era of punk, but they don't sound extremely punk.  They don't sound like psychedelic rock though, either, so it's hard to say.

I know.  They sound like REM.

Seriously though, Underwater Moonlight is one of the most brilliant things ever, and you should definitely give it a spin, even if you're absolutely adamant that neither of the above musical styles interest you.


Whenever people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I tell them them that I want to be an anglepoise lamp.  Unfortunately, no one knows what an anglepoise lamp is.  You can read the definition here .  You can also listen to the fantastic Soft Boys song, "I Want to be an Anglepoise Lamp", here .




      "is it dangerous??"






How it works:

I divided the various aspects of musical taste into four different variables: sophistication, melodic-aggressive, lyrical-instrumental, and normal-weird.

Sophistication, probably the most obvious variable, measures what you actually know about music, and what kinds of bands you listen to.  Unlike other tests, the purpose of this was not to judge you, but instead to not give you a result which you were already familiar with.

The lyrical/instrumental scale has to do with what you listen for when you plug in your headphones.  For example, a lot of people think you could read Bob Dylan's lyrics, and have the same experience as listening to one of his records.  (personally, I disagree with this, but whatever).  Anyway, lyrics are really important to some, less important to others.  In some music, the words are almost completely obscured by the feedback.  Sonic Youth's lyrics almost purely impressionistic, and secondary to the guitar line.  So, okay, you get the point...

The aggressiveness scale measures your tendency to like louder, faster forms of music rather than, I'm assuming, more melodic forms of music.  It has to do with your motivations for listening to music.  What kind of emotions are you trying to channel?

Weirdness is just a measure of openmindedness.  I probably should just have used the term openmindedness instead.  I wanted to match you with something you were likely to appreciate.There are people in this world who could like almost every artist on this list.  That's cool.  A lot of the distinctions are trivial.  Hopefully I picked one of the right ones, though.

Please feel free to send me feedback with any way that you think this test could be improved, especially if you think your result was way way off.  Thanks!!!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • aggressive Distribution

    They scored 56% on aggressive, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • instrumental Distribution

    They scored 63% on instrumental, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • sophistication Distribution

    They scored 26% on sophistication, higher than 34% of your peers.

  • weird Distribution

    They scored 50% on weird, higher than 81% of your peers.

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