The Which Music Genre Has the Best Looking Females? TEST (With Pictures)

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Even if you don't like metal music, you sure do like metal girls!

And who could blame you?

There are indeed a lot of beautiful girls in this scene, especially when it comes to gothic and symphonic metal!


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80s Pop

Guess you like g... Read more

Chart Pop (Modern)

Britney, Christina and a bunch of other pop dolls may not create the ... Read more


I guess you like natural and folkish looking women! ... Read more


  So, you like them dark and stylish? Well, who woul... Read more

Indie Pop / Rock

How exa... Read more

J-pop / K-pop

  Ever thought about moving to Japan? span style="font-size:... Read more


Even if you don't like metal... Read more

Neofolk / Martial Industrial

Wikipedia: "Neofolk is a form of folk music-inspired experimental... Read more

Punk / Grunge / Riot Grrrl

It looks like you like chicks with an attitude! span styl... Read more

Synthpop / Electropop / EBM

You like cyberpunkish girls, with a high-tech futuristic loo... Read more


Well, I don't know what defines a trip-hop girl, but it look... Read more

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