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Their result for The Homeric Character Test ...


You scored 45 Strength, 60 Cunning, and 40 Homliness!

"So Athena fired the fool's heart inside him. Then and there he unstrapped his polished bow, superb equipment--bending it back hard the archer strung his bow... Squeezing the nock and string together, drawing the gut back to his nipple, iron head to the handgrip til he flexed the great weapon back in a half-circle curve the bow sprang! the string sang out, arrow shot away razor-sharp and raging to whip through Argove ranks! Spurned on by Palas Athena, you shoot Menelaus after his fateful duel with Paris, thus prolonging the war.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Strength Distribution

    They scored 45% on Strength, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Cunning Distribution

    They scored 60% on Cunning, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Homeliness Distribution

    They scored 40% on Homeliness, higher than 24% of your peers.

All possible test results


"...one man, Thersites, still railed on, nonstop. His head was full of obscenities, teeming with rant, all for no good reason, insubordinate, baiting the kings- anything to provoke some laughter fr... Read more


"And catching sight of helen moving along the ramparts, they murmured one to another, gentle, winged words: 'Whon on earth could blame them? ah, no wonder the men of Troy and Argives under arms have ... Read more


"Zeus, all you immortals! Grant this boy, my son, may be like me, first in glory among the Trojans, strong and brave like me, and rule all Troy in power and one day let them say, 'He is a better man ... Read more


"So Athena fired the fool's heart inside him. Then and there he unstrapped his polished bow, superb equipment--bending it back hard the archer strung his bow... Squeezing the nock and string togeth... Read more


"And there in the bedroom Hector came on Paris polishing, fondling his splendid battle-gear, his shield and breastplate, turning over and over his long curved bow... 'You'd be the first to lash out at... Read more


"Odysseus--never again will I embrace him, striding home to his own native land. A black day it was when he took ship to see that cursed city... DestroyI call it--I hate to say its name!... Read more


"Nestor gave no ground to withering old age. He propped himself on an elbow, craned his head and probed sharply, whispering through the dark, 'Who goes there? stalking along the ships, alone throug... Read more


The divine gift of prophicy is truly yours. The divine curse of nobody ever believing you, however, also gets stuck to you. Read more


"Not once have my eyes closed shut beneath my lids from the day my son went down beneath your hands... day and night I groan, brooding over the countless griefs, groveling in the dung that fills my... Read more


"The archer loosed a fresh shaft from the bowstring straight for Hector, his spirit longing to hit him- but he missed and cut Gorgythion down instead, a well-bread son of Priam, a handsom prince" You ... Read more


"...but he levelded Archeptolemus, Hector's daring driver charging headlong, caught him square in the chest beside the nipple and off his car he pitched... there on the spot his strength and life coll... Read more


"Then you mocked him, Eumaeus, my good swineherd: 'Now stand guard through the whole night, Melanthius-- stretched out on a soft bed fot for you, your highness! You're bound to see the Morning risi... Read more


"Great field marshal, why bother to spur me on? I go all-out as it is. With all the power in me I've never quit, not from the time we rolled them back to Troy. I've stalked with my bow and picked t... Read more

Swift Ajax

"Next the Locrians led by racing Ajax, son of Oileus, Little Ajax--a far cry from the size of Telamonian Ajax-- a smaller man but trim in his skintight linen corslet, he outthrew all Hellenes, all ... Read more


He paused with a warning nod, and at that sign Prince Telemachus, son of King Odysseus, girding his sharpsword on, clamping hand to spear, took his stand by a chair that flanked his father-- hsi br... Read more


As the first of the Argive forces to set foot on Trojan soil, you accepted the promise of certain death in exchange for honors as a divine; as such, you were granted a temporary respite from Hades to ... Read more


"And Athena handed down her pacts of peace between both sides for all the years to come-- the daughter of Zeus whose shield is torm and thunder, yes, but the goddess still kept Menor's build and vo... Read more


"Pick my own comrade? Than how could I pass up royal Odysseua her? His heart's so game, his fighting edge so keen, the best of us all in every combat mission-- Athena loves the man. With him at my... Read more


But Zeus who marshals storm clouds lowered a dark glance and let loose at Ares: 'No more you lying, two-faced... no more sidling up to me, whining here before me. You--I have you most of all the Ol... Read more

Great Ajax

"Great Ajax next-- dear to the gods he hurled and his spear's shadow flew and the shaft hit Hector's round shield, hit full center-- straight through the gleaming hide the heavy weapon drove, rippi... Read more


"Patroclus--dearest joy of my heart, my arrowed, broken heart! I left you alive that day I left these shelter, now I come back to find you fallen, captain of armies!" Best friend/homosexual lov... Read more


Just look at this reckless Diomedes now-- First he lunges at Aphrodite, stabs her hand at the wrist then charges me--even me--like something superhuman! Among the greatest of the Argive warrior... Read more


"You were my pride throughout the city night and day-- a blessing to us all, the men and women of Troy; throughout the city they saluted you like a god. You, you were their greatest glory while you li... Read more


As the leader of the Argive forces and brother of Menelaus, you eventually return home with Cassandra to find out that your wife has been somewhat less than faithful. The great playwright Aeschylus t... Read more


Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and crafts, the Argives and Odysseus in particular are under your protection. Read more


King of the gods, Troy is an especially favored city of yours; you only sacrifice it after your wife Hera tricks you. Read more


Queen of the gods, you have a special hatred for the Trojans due to the choice of Paris before the War began. Read more

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