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Their result for The BDSM Bottom Quiz ...

The Classic Slave

+Service, +Pain, +Ownership and +Force!

You like it all, you want it all.  You want to be owned, controlled, used, and hurt.

Hey! You scored 77% Service, 68% Pain, 69% Ownership and 73% Force! Brilliant!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Service Distribution

    They scored 77% on Service, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • Pain Distribution

    They scored 68% on Pain, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • Ownership Distribution

    They scored 69% on Ownership, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Force Distribution

    They scored 73% on Force, higher than 61% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Victim

You enjoy being controlled...rough sex, bondage, blindfolds and role play do it for you.  You aren't looking for pain, or to clean anyone's house, and you certainly aren't anyone's slave. ... Read more

The Cherished Pet

You are the loved pet, curled up in your owner's lap, purring contentedly.  You don't do chores, or tricks, and you don't like pain, but you love your owner and are quite loved in return. ... Read more

The Caged Animal

Like a wolf in the zoo, you are untamed, but captured.  You won't do chores and you don't like pain, but you enjoy being made to behave. Hey! You scored $(Service)% Service, $(Pain)% ... Read more

The Punching Bag

Pain is your thing.  You aren't into the ritual or ownership or even the control aspects of BDSM.  You want it hard and painful and then you want to get on with your life. Hey! You sco... Read more

The Classic Bottom

You are a deam scene partner.  You love the crack of the whip and the feel of your hair being pulled to guide your mouth as you go down on your lover.  But no strings housework is way out of the ... Read more

The Sensation Slave

You like intense sensation, and you like being owned, but chores and punishment are not your thing.  You like to scene with your owner, but the dynamic doesn't really carry over to the rest of you... Read more

The Play Toy

You love to be controlled, owned, used, played with, punished, and beaten, but don't expect the dishes done or the floor swept. Hey! You scored $(Service)% Service, $(Pain)% Pain, $(O... Read more

The Butler or The Maid

Service is your thing.  You don't need encouragement to do a good job, and pain really doesn't do anything for you.  You are not interested in being owned, but it makes you happy when you are use... Read more

The Misbehaving Servant

You are no one's property, but you do like to make people happy, even if it takes a bit of encouragement to get you started.  Punishment shouldn't be too painful, but they should be frequent. ... Read more

The Footman or The Lady in Waiting

You live to serve.  You do not need to be forced to serve, nor do you particularly enjoy being punished.  You enjoy seeing your owner happy, and will do almost anything to make their life easier.... Read more

The Naughty Slave

You want to be good, you really do.  You want to make your owner happy, but sometimes you need a good spanking to keep you on your toes.  You don't really like pain, but you'll take it if you hav... Read more

The Eager Sensationalist

You are the first to raise your hand when asked for a demo victim at a BDSM workshop.  You love to serve and like it when that service is a bit intense.  You don't want to be controlled and you a... Read more

The Classic Submissive

You don't want to be owned or kept, but you like to serve.  You enjoy sensation play, and a good scene gets your heart going.  The title of "slave" has never felt right to you. e... Read more

The Bond-Slave

You are owned and love to serve, but enjoy intense sensation to remind you of your place.  You are not interested in being forced to do your job, as you tackle each task with your owner's pleasure... Read more

The Classic Slave

You like it all, you want it all.  You want to be owned, controlled, used, and hurt. Hey! You scored $(Service)% Service, $(Pain)% Pain, $(Ownership)% Ownership and $(Force)% Force!... Read more

The Scoop of Vanilla

You don't really like to BDSM, do you?  Or you aren't a bottom type at all (maybe you should take The BDSM Top Quiz).  Or maybe this test just sucks. ... Read more

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