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Super Freak

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You're one bad ass mother fucker. You can do it any way you like it. Pros: You are a Sex God! Cons: Prudish or Virginal people will fear you... but you like it. Look for anyone you want... you can have them where you want them.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kinkiness Distribution

    They scored 59% on Kinkiness, higher than 40% of your peers.

  • Openness Distribution

    They scored 70% on Openness, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • Dominance Distribution

    They scored 52% on Dominance, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • submissive Distribution

    They scored 59% on submissive, higher than 56% of your peers.

All possible test results

Practically a Virgin

You're not very adventurous in the sack. In fact, you probably could live without sex for a while. It's no big thing. Pros: Know it or not, there's someone out there that can turn you to the darksi... Read more

Quiet Prude

You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but you're not ready for all that craziness in the bedroom either. Maybe someday, if alcohol is involved, and you've been drugged. Pros: You're not exciting... Read more

Mean Snore

You don't want to do any of this nonsense and you're not going to be told that you should. Pros: You know what you want and DEFINITELY what you DON'T want. Cons: Not only are you boring in the sack,... Read more

Indecissive Prude

You don't know how to communicate this, but you're boring. You're not into it, whatever it is. Pros: There's really not one. Cons: You're not strong in your convictions, but you're also not into do... Read more

Eager Beaver

You haven't tried any of this crazy stuff, but you're open for anything! Cons: You're unexperienced. Pros: At least you're open to trying almost anything once. Look for other Eager Beavers. You ma... Read more

Fresh Meat

You may not be a virgin, but you're not as experienced as you'd like. You want to try more things and have someone teach it to you. Pros: You're open and ready for business, now all you need is a tr... Read more

Dom Apprentice

You're open for a lot of things, not all of them, but some, and it needs to be you in control. Pros: You know what you want, now all you need is a punk to abuse. Cons: You might not go all the way w... Read more

Crazy Virgin

You don't know if you should be holding the whip or wearing the handcuffs, but you'd be willing to try either one. Pros: You're on your way to learning and discovering new things. Cons: You need to ... Read more

Scared Punk

You want to try some of these kinky things, but you're too scared or oppressed to do so. You have no idea how to ask for what you want or how to follow someone teaching you. Pros: Kinkiness is poten... Read more

Scared Slave

You want to be dominated in the worst way, but you're just too much of a coward to even try. Pros: At least you're not without self-knowledge. You know you want to be submissive. Cons: Stop being s... Read more

Scared Master

You want to dominate. You want to take control, but you're too much of a puss to do it well. Pros: At least you know you want to take control. Cons: Man up. You'll never be a good Master if you do... Read more

Crazy Kinkster

You don't really care who's tied up as long as you're involved somehow. Pros: You're kinky and versatile. Cons: You've done what you've set out to do. You're not very open to other things. Look fo... Read more

Versatile Kinkster

You can do anything and go either way. You're open, crazy, and you love it. Spank me or be spanked you don't care. Pros: You're all about the fun and openness. Cons: Few can keep up with your tast... Read more

Submissive Freak

You like it wild and you like it hard. Hard on you. Pros: You're awesome. You know what you like and what you like is pain. Cons: You need a Master or you're not happy. Look for a Master Freak, b... Read more

Dom Freak

You like it rough and you like it your way. They had better beg. Pros: Everything's a pro. It's your way so it's right. Cons: Non-submissives will run for the hills. Look for the Submissive Freak... Read more

Super Freak

You're one bad ass mother fucker. You can do it any way you like it. Pros: You are a Sex God! Cons: Prudish or Virginal people will fear you... but you like it. Look for anyone you want... you can... Read more

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