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14 nothing, 12 something, 14 anything and 10 everything

LOO min us


It means glowing with a steady light. It is sometimes used to describe the moon when it is full. Calling a person "luminous" would suggest that they're bright (like light) or beautiful (like the moon), which in turn suggests that they're smart or attractive. Or that they're covered with glow in the dark paint. Or irradiated with nuclear waste. Or something that's not technically luminous, but the user of the word got his definitions mixed up. Which happens sometimes, especially in a world full of fucking illiterates, such as ours.  




Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • nothing Distribution

    They scored 14% on nothing, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • something Distribution

    They scored 12% on something, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • anything Distribution

    They scored 14% on anything, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • everything Distribution

    They scored 10% on everything, higher than 33% of your peers.

All possible test results


pur PET choo il ... Read more


in EX or ah bil (or) : in EGG zer ah bil/... Read more


Pry MOR dee al   span style="font-... Read more


in SCREW tah bul span style="font-... Read more


VOYD   It means empty, blank, non-existent.  It is a state of nothingness. You scored a 0 in the variable of "nothing" and I determined your score using the following calculation ..... Read more


dell ah KWESS ing   It means to become soft or liquid with age ... something that is slowly dissolving or melting away. Which is a pretty fucking horrible thought, if you really cons... Read more


leh THAR jick   span style="font-siz... Read more


tranz PAIR rent   /spa... Read more


priz MAA tic ( rhymes with "static" ) span style="font-size:me... Read more


WUN druss   It means something that is cause for wonder or astonishment,... Read more


eth EAR ee al   span style="font-size:medium... Read more


obsk YUR   It means unclear or un... Read more


em PUR vee us   p... Read more


REK liss It means to be dangerousl... Read more


SIN til lay ting   It ... Read more


OB dur ate It means something similar to "obstinate" -- which is to say ... Read more


for TOO ah tuss   span style="font-s... Read more


WAY werd   It means resistant to another's authority or control, and going your own way. People sometimes misconstrue this word as meaning misdirected or lost, but it's not the same ... Read more


 BILL yuss   ... Read more


 SANG win   It means two things -- the traditional meaning is "bloody" or related to the bodily humor of blood, such as "a ... Read more


VO lah ti el   It means likely to change suddenly or w... Read more


 VALL pyn   span style="font-size:med... Read more


Ma ROS (rhymes with "you're close")   s... Read more


TEN ah bruss  It means shut off from the light ... murky or obscure. On the upside, this indicates being dark and mysterious, which is kind of cool. On the downside, bein... Read more


LOO min us   It means glowing with a steady light. It is sometimes used to describe the moon when it is full. Calling a person "luminous" would suggest that they... Read more


in CON groo us   It means not compatible or harmonius with something, like a square peg in a round hole. To be incompatible, conflicting, or inappropriate ... alt... Read more


eh FEE mer al It means temporary ... Read more


mel LIF loo us   span style="font-size:medium;"... Read more


sar DON ick   It... Read more


TER jid   It means to be swollen. In a less physical sense, it implies ... Read more


hap HAS zerd   It mean... Read more


un STAY bil   It means unstable. As in, "not stable." As in, you're wackadoo. Loony tunes. Toys in the attic. Bats in the b... Read more


STOW ick span ... Read more


in GRAY she ate ing   It means you're a kiss-ass. Seriously. An utter and total ass-smooching brown-noser. Don't feel too bad though. There's worse things in the world you could be.... Read more


LUV ah bul   It means easy to love, or at least easy to like. It's not a rare or unusual word, but it's definitely a rare and unusual way to be. Most people aren't all that lovable. ... Read more


ree FLECK tiv   It means to be thoughtful or introspective, at least in its most common usage ... a reflective person is inclined to sit and think deeply about a lot of things, refle... Read more


 MAL lee ah bal   span style=... Read more


DISS so loot   It means being corrupt or having low moral standards ... someone that is dissolute will lower themselves to almost any degrading act without much remorse. But hey, I'm... Read more


spah RAD ick   It means occuring infrequently or in scattered instances, such as sporadic thunderstorms. When applied to a person, it suggests someone who does things unpredictably o... Read more


It means you're a spaz.   But hey, that's cool. I'm a spaz too. Literally.     ... Read more



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