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Test Taker

You scored 65 Relationship, 70 Misc Knowledge, 40 Random-fun, and 70 Philosophy!

Always a test taker, never a test maker... at least you probably shouldn't be. I supose you can take your highest percentage as your strength and run with it if you so choose. Try to open your mind a little and remind yourself of the differences between fact and opinion. Keep in mind the grading scale should be reasonable and you might want to bone up on your writing skills.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Relationship Distribution

    They scored 65% on Relationship, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • Misc Knowledge Distribution

    They scored 70% on Misc Knowledge, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Random-fun Distribution

    They scored 40% on Random-fun, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Philosophy Distribution

    They scored 70% on Philosophy, higher than 67% of your peers.

All possible test results

Test Taker

Always a test taker, never a test maker... at least you probably shouldn't be. I supose you can take your highest percentage as your strength and run with it if you so choose. Try to open your mind a ... Read more


An open, philisophicaly driven mind. You know the differance between opinion and fact, and more than that, you accept that we're all entitled to our opinions. Dependant on your interests you would mak... Read more

Class Clown

The "here for fun" writer. If you've never writen a fun test, do! Your sense of humor and lack of inhibitions are a great combo for the testing comic! Read more

Deep fun

A strange and rare combo, very philisophical minded with a great sense of humor. First, call me, second I think you need to write the "Does God have a sense of humor test." It may have been done befor... Read more

The Brain

You know a lot about a few things, or perhaps a little about everything. Either way you're not only intelligent, you understand a lot of the componants that comprize intellect. So, go test some intell... Read more

The brains heart.

You know the difference between opinion and fact, and altho your opinions maybe strong you allow those around you the right to theirs as well. Not to mention that you're hip to what true intellegence ... Read more

Smart and Funny

You'd make a great test writer when it comes to trivia, knowledge, and laughs. I'd bet you're good at making dumb people laugh at their ignorance, or smart people laugh at the dumb ones, either way co... Read more

The Savant

Wow, you scored great on everything but relationships and the like. Stick with the "just for fun" stuff if you're going to write a test, and since you understand what makes for good philosophy and hig... Read more


You're all about Cupid here at Okc! You'll make an excellent relationship advisor here in cyber space. Read more

Jason's Category.

You're open minded! Philosophy or relationship tests are your strengths! Find out if people of different religions or political status should marry... it would be a great test! Read more

Duece Biggalo

You've have a sense of humor and a sense of what makes for a good romance. You should write a test that plays up these qualities! Read more

Facts smacts

Fun, philosophy and romance. Forget the facts and get the lube so that God can get that damn rock moving. Was that a tree I just heard falling?... Well you'd have the answers to that... Wouldn't mind ... Read more

Sexiest part...

You're the type who is attracted to that big muscle on someones shoulders! You would make a great relationship councelor, but this isn't about handing out careers, it's about assigning what sort of te... Read more

Here for a good test

You're not much here for random/silly tests, and that's cool. You would make a great author for any of the other three categories. Go with what apeals to you best, and if you've already writen a test ... Read more

Fun, Cuddly, Smart

Not a big philosopher, you prefer the facts, and thats cool. You also would make a good mate and are probably pretty skilled in finding one. Above all you're a riot, people like having you around. Use... Read more

Write what you want

Seriously, you're strengths are all over the board. If you want anything more specific than that, I would say look at your percentages and go with it, I look forward to great things from you! Read more

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