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House Cat

You scored 33% Kindness and 6% Idiocy!

Well, it could be worse. In your next life you'll probably be a house cat. You're nice enough (when you want to be), and sharp as a tack (although you often use your intelligence for evil). While this isn't so bad, you could stand to be a little friendlier, and not just when it suits you. Try to resist your urges to lash out at people once in a while.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 33% on Kindness, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • Idiocy Distribution

    They scored 6% on Idiocy, higher than 0% of your peers.

All possible test results

Bald Eagle

Your next form will be a bald eagle, or some other bird of prey. You'll be beautiful and majestic... at least from afar. Get too close and you're bound to rip someone's face off! If you're not please... Read more


Oh, dear. You'll be a creature who does no good to humanity and spends most of its time looking for shiny baubles. Still, fear not! If the idea of being a feathery pest worries you, you can change! Tr... Read more


That's right! You'll probably be just what you are in this life: a Dumbass. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are, after all, doomed to repeat them. If you wish to change your ways (and I shou... Read more


Wow. In your next life, you will be a vile, useless, and universally despised bug. Your best asset will be the ability to surive a nuclear holocaust. There's still time to change your ways if you act ... Read more

House Cat

Well, it could be worse. In your next life you'll probably be a house cat. You're nice enough (when you want to be), and sharp as a tack (although you often use your intelligence for evil). While this... Read more


Your next incarnation will be as a gerbil! You're almost nice sometimes, although your stupidity can get in the way of that. If you don't really want to be a twitchy, twerpy rodent, maybe you should g... Read more


You are fated to be a wino in your next life, you poor thing. You're not exactly mean, but you'd kick your friend's ass over the last cigarette, and you're too stupid to improve yourself without the h... Read more

Cranky Neighbor

Well, your next life probably won't be horrible, but there are few people who really like their Cranky Neighbor. You're not really cruel, but you can be spiteful and stupid (like driving over other pe... Read more

Agony Aunt

Well, this isn't a horrible incarnation to look foward to! You're certainly smart, and usually nice. When you're NOT nice, it's because you're annoyed that people tend to take from you without giving ... Read more

Joe Schmoe

You have a basically conventional next life to look foward to. What's wrong with that? In my opinion, nothing. Right now, you're just about average, but not in a boring way. More in an all-around good... Read more

White Trash

Well, your next life won't exactly be a party. Unless you have an affinity for trailers. While you're usually a nice person, you're also usually a dumb one. Hoping for something a little more impressi... Read more

Stupid Celebrity

While this may seem like a super next life, it won't be perfect. Although you're well-intentioned, you'll probably make the wrong decision every chance you get. You can be a little nicer to the people... Read more


Congratulations! In your next life you will reach nirvana (however you imagine it to be). You're such a good, intelligent person now that I have no advice for you. Enjoy your next incarnation (I know ... Read more


Wow! This is a pretty good next life to look foward to. You can be a bit of a goon, but you're so charming that for the most part no one cares. You could maybe spend a little less time goofing off and... Read more

Circus Clown

Wheeeee! Your next life will be lived as a circus clown! You're super nice, but pretty goofy too. It's not so bad though! Practically everyone likes you, for your friendliness and your hilarious antic... Read more

Big Stupid Dog

In your next life you will take the form of a big, stupid dog. loyal, loveable, friendly... and dumb as a box of rocks. Sometimes everyone around you knows when the joke's on you EXCEPT you. But so wh... Read more

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