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Their result for The MAN Test ...

Good Guy

You scored 57% Testosterone, 65% Charisma, 64% Sexiness, and 29% Intelligence!

You have a realistic sense of your masculinity. You're charming and know what you're doing in bed. You might want to try learning more about science, literature, or history. Having an informed conversation is just another way to be a man.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Testosterone Distribution

    They scored 57% on Testosterone, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Charisma Distribution

    They scored 65% on Charisma, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Sexiness Distribution

    They scored 64% on Sexiness, higher than 36% of your peers.

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 29% on Intelligence, higher than 17% of your peers.

All possible test results


Are you even human? What's wrong with you? Are you dead? Read more


You have no machismo, sex-appeal, or charm. But you got that math question. Wow. Read more


You're good in the sack, but useless everywhere else. It might surprise you, but sheer sexiness doesn't make a man. Just a dildo. Read more


You're smart and know how to please the ladies, but you're weak as a little girl and have as much charm as a dead fish. Not cool. Go outside, stop wearing black. Please. Read more


You're charming and know how to make others bend to your evil whim, but you aren't really a man. Are you some sort of alien disguised in a man-suit? I thought so. Read more


You're charming and kind to old ladies, and you know your math. But where are your balls? Read more


You're a girl taking this, aren't you? Read more

Kinda Gay

If you are, celebrate. If you're not, worry. Read more

Cold Fish

You appear to be male. The rest is uncertain. Read more


You're male and you're smart...hmm. Are you sure you're not a cyborg. Most cyborgs don't know that they can't have human emotions, or truly human sexual relations. Read more

Dirty Cletus

You have sex. A lot. You also are male. This is it. This is all you amount to. Just that. Yup. Read more


You're really sexy and smart and girls like that. You have a realistic sense of your masculinity. This is all good. However, why are you so shy? Turn on the charm and ask a few girls out. You might be... Read more


You think women like you and your bad pickup lines. They don't. Stop. Read more

Arrogant Man

You know how to woo ladies, and you know how to have a decent conversation. You are, however, not sexy. Women don't have orgasms with you, I don't care what you say. They just don't. Deal with it. Read more

Good Guy

You have a realistic sense of your masculinity. You're charming and know what you're doing in bed. You might want to try learning more about science, literature, or history. Having an informed convers... Read more


Wow. You're every woman's dream come true and a real man. You know that machismo isn't the most important thing, and it looks like you're kind to old ladies and good in the sack. Good for you. Keep ro... Read more

Football Coach

You're the type of guy I loathed in my high school gym class. I'm talking the kind of guy who thinks beer-guts are a turn-on and women are pleased by simply mounting and humping like a rabbit on speed... Read more


You're smart and know all about being a man, but you have no charm and you probably hurt people's feelings and have fights with your woman about insensitivity. You have a lot of pride, but it's time t... Read more


You're like the eternal teenage boy. You're full of testosterone and always want to have sex. This is not good. Women don't like you because you're not charming and you're not well-read or even intere... Read more

Clumsy Romeo

You've got it goin' on, and you're all man--but you probably trip over your own feet trying to get there. Women like a smooth-talker and someone who's kind to old ladies...oh, and a man who calls his ... Read more


You're a real man and all business, but you don't take the time to talk deeply. Be less materialistic and study the Kama Sutra. Please. Your partners are dying for you to realize what (and where) the ... Read more

Boring Guy

You think you're all man, and you can make anyone do what you want. You may even know some Shakespeare. You are, however, not sexy. And that's a big part of being a man. Grow some nice facial hair if ... Read more

Average Joe

You've got everything except knowledge. And knowledge is power, my friend. And no man is powerful without it. Get out there and pick some books to read. You might like it. Read more

Manly Man

You're a really sexy guy. You know how to talk and you know your math. You might be overdoing the machismo, however. Tone it down and get in touch with your inner woman, you might be surprised how hot... Read more

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