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Ormus Cama

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Salman Rushdie's retelling of the Orpheus myth, Ormus is a passionate man with otherworldly abilities and a musical talent to die for. Ormus, in this case, is the cultural revamping of Orpheus- just as Orpheus does, he meets the woman of his dreams and loses her (several times), journey's to the Underworld and returns with a new knowledge, and succumbs to death through his own self destruction. Ormus was a brilliant character, though troubled and sometimes selfish.

"The Ground Beneath Her Feet" by Salman Rushdie

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • tragedy Distribution

    They scored 49% on tragedy, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • brilliance Distribution

    They scored 84% on brilliance, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • soul Distribution

    They scored 74% on soul, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • eroticism Distribution

    They scored 58% on eroticism, higher than 65% of your peers.

All possible test results

Not in my Book!

Er...looks like you're not in any of my books. However, here are some suggestions for you! Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov, Sunglasses After Dark, In the Blood and Paint it Black by Nancy A. C... Read more


Souless, heartless and decadent, Juliette is a character from her self-titled book by the infamous (and sometimes boring) Marquis De Sade. This woman profits immensely though her debaucheries, killing... Read more


The Ring Bearer, the only one able to (mostly) withstand burden of the One Ring long enough to cast it into the fires of Mt. Doom. Orphaned at a young age (as hobbits go), he spent a happy life with h... Read more

Van Veen

The cousin/brother/lover of Ada Veen. Van is a passionate and sexual being, not very resistant to temptations and fiery in his love and anger. Despite his appietites, he tries very hard for morality's... Read more


One of the last of the Maiar to walk the Earth, other than Radaghast and the corrupt Saruman. Gandalf played a huge part in the history of Middle Earth, most notably in the War of the Ring. He was kno... Read more

Ada Veen

A passionate and sensual young woman, she is also brilliant. Though she loves deeply, fidelity is not her strongest suit: as a result, she has many lovers but only one love, her cousin/brother Van. Sh... Read more


The Abhorsen and Queen of the Old Kingdom. Not only it is her job to fight evil necormancers and put the dead back to rest, she rules the kingdom wisely and fairly alongside her husband, King Touchsto... Read more

Ormus Cama

Salman Rushdie's retelling of the Orpheus myth, Ormus is a passionate man with otherworldly abilities and a musical talent to die for. Ormus, in this case, is the cultural revamping of Orpheus- just a... Read more


The purer sister to Juilette, who leads a life of pain and suffering and meets a terrible end. Kicked out of the convents with little to live on, she steps into the world trustingly and hopefully plac... Read more


A young nymphet just beginning to explore sexual games and powers, Lolita is wiser for her experiences though her ending is as tragic as her life. A young, unloved little girl meets Humbert Humbert, a... Read more


Raised orphaned and outcast on a lonely mountain, Lirael would go on to be the first Rememberancer in centuries (A combination between the Abhorsen and the Clayar, able to see into the past) and secon... Read more

Vina Apsara

With a melodic voice, a zest for life and a passion for sex, Vina Apsara was the one true love of Ormus Cama, his Euridyice. She left him after their initial meeting in Bombay, India, for the English ... Read more

Gibreel Farishta

Gibreel Farishta, one of the main characters of Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses". Gibreel was a celebrated actor in his native India, where he was known as a brilliant, if lascivious, actor in Hi... Read more

Humbert Humbert

Cunning, brilliant, decietful, narcissistic and perverse, Humbert Humbert hails from Nabokov's Masterpiece: Lolita. He is, in fact, the narrator. He lost his first love at a very early age, which crea... Read more


Lover (and then wife) of Aragorn, daughter of Elrond and future Queen of Gondor. She stuck by for the hope of Aragorns return when she could have fled Middle Earth to the undying lands, as her people ... Read more


Ereshkigal, who is "Lady of the Great Place", a Sumerian euphemism for Queen of the Underworld. She was origionally a sky goddess who was kidnapped by the dragon Kur and enthroned in the Great Below. ... Read more

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