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You scored 100 in Amicability, and 73 in Loyalty. Together they create your Dog Personality. You scored 100 in agility and 89 in independence, together they create your Cat Personality.

You scored well on everything. Good job. Sadly, this won't help you get into Harvard or Yale. A high-score means nothing here!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • amicability Distribution

    They scored 100% on amicability, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • loyalty Distribution

    They scored 73% on loyalty, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • agility Distribution

    They scored 100% on agility, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • independence Distribution

    They scored 89% on independence, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Mouse.

You're not really anything...Not friendly, not loyal and not really agile or independent. You're very wishy-washy and don't really stand for much or against much. Kinda like a mouse, you have room t... Read more

The Lone Tiger

The Cat area, Independence, is the best to describe you. You may have just skipped all the questions, or just answered to be completely independent. Either way, you are a cat person. "Don't touch m... Read more

The Flexible Pussy

Clever, to say the least, you scored highly in agility. I judged Agile to mean "mental agility," though it could transcend to physical agility. So you can leap from tree to tree and be really clever... Read more

The Cat Person

Agile and Independent, you are loyal mostly to yourself or others that benefit you. You are not the person I would like to date and I don't have cats but there are plenty of people out there who are ... Read more

Man's Best Friend

You're loyal to those around you and likely put others first. You are a good friend, though oftentimes you can be loyal at the expense of yourself. You are Man's Best Friend. Unless that man is you... Read more

The Mutt

You are loyal and independent. Good Job, I don't know how you did it. You're a blend alright. Read more

Italian Greyhound

You're agile, like a cat, but loyal like a dog. Italian Greyhounds look agile but I'm sure they're still dogs and therefore still loyal. Maybe there's a loyal, dog-like cat but I don't know cats. Y... Read more

The Squirrel

You're loyal and independent, and clever. A good mix, you're probably the "rogue" type, doing what is best for you, when it's best for you, though you are loyal. Loyal to yourself, or close friends ... Read more

Happy Dog

You're liked and you like being liked. You're the happy, friendly dog that everyone loves. Like a little Dachshund, you may be too yippy for some, but you have a heart of gold. To you the best term ... Read more

The Tramp

You're the friendly neighborhood stray, whether it be the cat that's outside or the dog that's always around. You enjoy people but they should benefit you in some way. A friendly loner...Heath Ledge... Read more

The House Cat

You're a nice, indoor kitty cat. You're dog-like in your friendliness, and so even dog people like you, even though you usually roost on the back of the couch. Don't try that at home by the way. If... Read more


You're friendly, agile, and independent. Like a cowboy, you're capable, likable and free. Not loyal though, so try not to get married. Sleep around, it's probably what you're good at. Read more

The Dog Person

You are the Dog person. Likable and loyal, you are the best friends of everyone. You're popular and fun to pet! I am a dog person myself, but you friendly rascal you, I am seeing someone. So don't ... Read more

The Great Dane

You are a a big dog, likable and loyal, you're also too big to fit in most places. People like you but you stray on your own a lot and don't fit through most small spaces. You also take big craps bu... Read more

The Beagle

You're a friendly, loyal and capable clever person and a good hunter. You should join the military, we need people like you. You're out there helping everyone and everyone likes you. You can get th... Read more


You scored well on everything. Good job. Sadly, this won't help you get into Harvard or Yale. A high-score means nothing here! Read more

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