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the highest score is your color. read the descriptions below to see what it all means, man....if you scored the same on two colors, scroll down until you find your matching description. *if you score higher than 50 on any color, you doubled up an answer somewhere

*this is my first test, and i'm not even sure if i did it right. feel free to send me helpful or hateful messages.

orange~ ooh, the spontaneous people. you can't stick to a plan, and wouldn't want to, because you like to live in the now, and act on a moments notice. you are fun and outrageous. you're a little ADD, and by a little, i mean A LOT. you crave variety and excitement and new things to try. you are crafty, skillful, and resourceful, a natural trouble-shooter. your courageous and outgoing nature make you a natural performer and competitor.

however, you can tend to be a spaz, messy and unreliable. you make gold people want to strangle you, because you're their opposite. where gold people stay with the group on the field trip to the zoo, you were trying to climb into the monkey cages. who doesn't love monkeys? i mean really? but so others can get along with you better and appreciate the free spirit that you are, please clean up your messes and be there when you say you're going to be there, even if you are consistently 5 minutes late.

gold~ the good, upstanding citizen. you are by the book, no doubt about it. rules were made to be followed, which you do, and expect everyone else to also. you have a strong sense of values. home and family and tradition are paramount to you. you have a strong sense of right and wrong, you enjoy boundaries and guidelines, and you are happiest when you feel that you are being useful, helpful and belong. duty and responsibility are the name of your game, when the going gets too tough for the tough, the tough call you for help.

here's the hang up of being as good as gold- you tend to be a little uptight. you exasperate your opposites (the orange people) with your rigidity and strict adherance to rules. you may even be prone to nosebleeds way up there on your moral highground. loosen up a bit. try some new things and stop taking yourself so seriously all the time. have some fun and try to be a little more open minded, then people will call you because you're fun to be around, instead of just calling you because you're the responsible one with the bail money.

blue~ oh, the artists. emotions run high with you, but that's good because it fuels your creativity. you look for meaning and significance in life, a deeper meaning. then you paint or write a song about your findings. you are compelled to contribute, encourage and inspire the people around you. the romantic, you value integrity and unity in relationships. if anyone can really really yearn for a soulmate, it's you. you're nurturing and compassionate, and always have a shoulder for your loved ones to cry on.

you need to feel unique and authentic, and you are, except that you can tend to be a bit of a crybaby and a drama queen. you make mountains out of molehills, and act on emotion instead of reason. you're going to have to toughen up, grow a thicker skin. don't let green people with their logic and rationality get you worked up even more when they razz you for getting upset over the littlest things. hear them out, count to 10, be greatful for the good things in your life, (like your natural creative abilities), take control of the things within your power and come to terms with the things you cannot control.

green~ ah, the green people. you're the ones who know what's really going on, because you're read up on it, done some investigation yourself, carefully observed and assessed the situation. you get drunk on knowledge. you value intelligence, insight and justice. you demand explanations and answers. emotions don't run your life. you're the brains of the operation. you live by your own standard and wouldn't have it any other way, because you know better. you're a natural non-comformist, and you probably get a real kick out of it when you see people desperately trying to conform, or even better, people who try so hard not to conform, but ultimately end up looking and acting just like all the other "non-comformists".

you already know that one of your character flaws is that you can sometimes be a bit of a know-it-all, but you know what else? green people are the rarest of the four personality colors. you are brilliant and soak up facts, but put the books down and go outside and get a little fresh air. give your brain a break and discover the joys of dumb, mindless fun, if you haven't already.

evenly orange and gold~ uh oh, i mean, yay! you're orange and gold. that sort of means.....that you're sort of....bi polar. yeah. you're all over the place one minute, up for anything, bouncing off the walls, the next minute you're beating yourself up for failing to stick to anything, because you value order and are incapable of maintaining any. it's going to be alright though. one day at a time. one therapy session at a time.

evenly orange and green~ you are so much fun. you are a vault of trivia knowledge and up for all kinds of things. you're smart enough to know that you could really get into a lot of trouble, but you're wild enough to not care and roll the dice anyway. you keep doing what you're doing, just don't be negligent of other people's feelings in your curious quests for good times.

evenly blue and gold~ it's a good thing there are so many holidays year round, because you are so creative and love tradition. your house is decorated for every holiday from thanksgiving to bastille day, and you make special decorations and treats for your family and friends. your the host/hostess with the most/mostess, but don't let your tendency towards rules and order put a damper on your party.

evenly blue and green~ you ingenious artist you. you crafty scholar. you are wise and creative, a powerhouse combo for artistic endeavors. don't be too cool for school though. you're very intelligent and talented, but don't let it turn you into a pompous ass.

evenly orange and blue~ oh honey, you're a mess! but a lovable mess! you are always coming up with creative new ways to have fun. it's rarely a dull moment with you. just try not to let your competitive nature and high strung emotions turn a fun friendly game into an ugly awkward scene when you aren't winning.

evenly gold and green~ you're pretty interesting, i must say. you respect authority and rules, but on your terms. if you can understand and analyze how a rule came about, you respect it. if you find fault in it, you still respect it, but grudgingly. your love of tradition and conceptual nature mean you hang on to the things that make sense and have value, and toss away the things that are unnecessary to make room for something more efficient. at times, you might be too smart and too rigid for your own good. relax, do something completely out of the ordinary to keep your routine, which you do love, from becoming stale and unsatisfying.

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the highest score is your color. read the descriptions below to see what it all means, man....if you scored the same on two colors, scroll down until you find your matching description. *if you sco... Read more

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