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Lucius Malfoy

Your rich, evil and cold hearted, oh and you've made a few mistakes in your time.

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Neville Longbottom

What can I say? Your not very brave or overly evil. Do you like toads? Read more

Ron weasley

Harry Potters best friend, not a bad person to be, although you do tend to get pushed to one side from time to time. Read more


Hum... Theres no real bravery or Intelligence there, but you are evil enough to sell out your friends for your own safty. How did it feel, being a rat for so long? Read more

Lucius Malfoy

Your rich, evil and cold hearted, oh and you've made a few mistakes in your time. Read more

Barty Crouch Jr

Kept under the imperious curse and hidden from the world, you took the place of a hogwarts teacher to try and give Harry Potter to the Dark Lord, how evil of you! Read more

Belatrix Lasrange

Wow, not a nice person! Theres a bit of brains behind your actions, which makes it just that little bit worse. Read more

Arthur Weasley

Your a bit odd really, but when it comes down to it your an ok sort of person. Read more


Your brave and you've got the smarts to think your way out of situation, shame about the warewolf thing, but it can come in useful. Read more

Sirius Black

Your heart in pretty much in the right place, even if you sometimes act a little harshly. Friend to most, your not as clean living as some, but you'd do anything for a friend. Read more

Fudge, The Minister

Your not totally stupid, otherwise you wouldn't have got the job, but your not exactly perfect either. Read more

Narcissa Malfoy

Your a death Eater, you gave birth to Draco but you would do anything to protect him. Read more

Draco Malfoy

Not a nice person, not nice at all, but you've got some smarts and your still alive, do we feel sorry for you? guess we'll find out in book 7. Read more

Cedric Diggery

Hogwarts champion, loved by all, but sadly, kill in action, sorry about that. Read more

Harry Potter

Well well, the chosen one! things don't look to great for your in the future, and your past hasn't been overl great, but still, your harry potter! Read more

Bane, the centor

what can i say....you a little up yourself(at least your HP character is), sorry but its true! You will stand and fight when most would run. Read more


The new minister for magic. Your a strong figure and you know how to fight, but you don't always come up smelling of roses. Read more

Morphin Riddle

You-know-who's uncle, not much between the ears, and your not exactly a nice guy either, but you do like a spot of muggle baiting. Read more

Lord Voldermort

We've Found you! ministry wizards will be apperating outside your house shortly to attempt to take you in before you do any more damage! Read more

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