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Al Franken

You scored 20% in Political Scandal Knowledge, 44% in Sex Scandal Knowledge, 34% in VRWC Political Connections, and 28% in Right-Wing Political Ideology!

Are you kidding me? You'd be a member of the Vast LEFT Wing Conspiracy if only you were smarter and much more informed about the diabolical nature of the Clintons. Let's summarize: you know very little about the Clinton scandals (or your head is full of left-wing misinformation), you know very little about politics (though you THINK you do), and you cop a super-liberal attitude because you think it's easier to get laid that way. (All right, we admit maybe it is.) We're very tempted to hurl some really down-and-dirty abuse your way because we despise you so, but that's what you would want us to do. The hostility of "normal" people only validates your sick and twisted self-image. You are SO beneath the VRWC it is just not worth paying you any attention. Go away. Take somebody else's test.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Pol Scandals Distribution

    They scored 20% on Pol Scandals, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Sex Scandals Distribution

    They scored 44% on Sex Scandals, higher than 11% of your peers.

  • Pol Connections Distribution

    They scored 34% on Pol Connections, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • Pol Ideology Distribution

    They scored 28% on Pol Ideology, higher than 10% of your peers.

All possible test results

Al Franken

Are you kidding me? You'd be a member of the Vast LEFT Wing Conspiracy if only you were smarter and much more informed about the diabolical nature of the Clintons. Let's summarize: you know very lit... Read more

Average Voter

Well, you may be proud of being called an "average voter" but frankly we think that if you cross an elephant with a donkey you get a very confused political animal. You're a "swing voter", the type o... Read more

Michael Savage

You have hard-core conservative attitudes but you seem to know VERY LITTLE about the Clintons and the conservative movement generally. This is very troubling to us because you may be the political eq... Read more

Harry Reid

This category is almost mathematically impossible to attain, and frankly we're scratching our heads about you. You know very little about the nitty-gritty details of the Clinton scandals--or perhaps ... Read more

Lincoln Chafee

You hold a special place in the hearts of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. You are the ultimate RINO--Republican-in-Name-Only. Look at your sad scores. You are certainly no expert in the Clinton sca... Read more

Ronald Reagan

You're a rock-ribbed conservative who knows the politcal landscape well. But you are not an expert in the Clinton scandals; in fact, you know shockingly little about them. It is almost impossible to... Read more

Ted Kennedy

Well, we have got you pegged. You know next to nothing about the Clinton political scandals, or maybe you don't WANT to know. But you are practically an expert in the sexual scandals. And you're a ... Read more

Linda Tripp

Yep, you are a perfect Linda Tripp. You know little about the Clinton political scandals but you know ALL ABOUT the sex scandals, probably because you read every page of the Starr Report, or got the ... Read more

Hugh Hefner

Just look at that picture. You must think you died and went to heaven. Mama mia, look at that girl on the left. And the one in the middle, look at...never mind. Honestly we don't know if Hugh Hefn... Read more

Michael Moore

So you know all about the Clinton sex scandals, and know perfectly well what sociopaths the Clintons both are. You thought the political scandals were buncombe, so you paid no attention to them and c... Read more

Gov. Schwarzenegger

This is categorization must be a surprise to you, and it is to us, too. By the numbers: you're not the type to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Clinton political scandals, but you ARE the type t... Read more

Richard M. Scaife

You're definitely a veteran and very valued member of the VRWC, with a special emphasis on the seamier, sexual side of the Clinton Administration. Mr. Scaife, as you undoubtedly know, was one of the ... Read more

Lanny Davis

You are a consummate political spin-meister and fixer. You have a lot of knowledge about the Clinton political scandals, don't seem to care that much about the sexual scandals, and you are a tireless... Read more

Rudy Giuliani

You are a tough bird to describe. In fact, of the 24 possible categories, this was the hardest one to connect with a political figure. So, unlike any other category, on this one we suggest Rudy as a... Read more

Patrick Buchanan

You're definitely VRWC material in terms of your conservative ideology, and you know the Clinton political scandals well enough to author a book (or series of books) on them. But...something is still... Read more

James Carville

Oh man, you really blow. Look at you a "Snakehead" wannabe. You're an expert in the Clinton political scandals, more or less oblivious to the sex scandals, a Washington insider and a hard-line Democ... Read more

John McCain

Here's a guy who would rather not think about the sex scandals or have already forgotten and forgiven, which of course no member of the VRWC could EVER do with respect to the Clintons. But you have a... Read more

William F. Buckley

You could hardly be in better company than to be put in the same category as the father of modern conservatism! You are a veteran member of the VRWC specializing in the political misadventures of the... Read more

The Clintons

Well, what do we have here!? You KNOW where all the bodies are buried, you KNOW all the different facts and allegations, you are WELL AWARE of the Clintons arch-criminality...and yet...you SUPPORT th... Read more

Bill O'Reilly

Well, you're very well-informed about the Clinton scandals, which is commendable, and you may even vote Republican. But a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? No effin' way. A "Republican" is ... Read more

Rush Limbaugh

You are without a doubt a fervent conservative and a fierce anti-Clintonista. We value your support tremendously. But you aren't quite a member of the VRWC yet, which is after all a conspiracy of ri... Read more

Sid Blumenthal

Wow, you are the rarest of animals. It is almost mathematically impossible to attain this category, but you did it. Congratulations, I guess. In case you don't know, Sid Blumenthal was the guy who ... Read more

Arlen Specter

Well, you certainly proved that you are very knowledgeable about the Clintons and their criminality. You even know a lot of inside politics. But you aren't a member of the VRWC--far from it. You're... Read more

R. Emmett Tyrrell

You're a top-tier, veteran member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. In fact, you may be on the VRWC Steering Committee. Of course you recognize the redoubtable editor-in-chief of The American Spect... Read more

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