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The powers of the elements are yours to command! On the downside you're such a sissy you run screaming from a ham sandwich and such a klutz you trip over your shadow. Take it easy there mr.hex-spinner, or you'll end up with one of your own fireballs up your own arse.

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You don't really have anything redeeming to bring to the evil-fighting profession. Though, this result is theoretically impossible to get based on how the test is designed, so what the hell are you d... Read more


As a messenger of whatever divinity you believe in, you are a herald of pure faith and little else. You get off on healing people's wounds through the power of god and banishing the undead back to he... Read more


The ever elusive rogue, you are a thief through and through. You may not be smart, good-looking or socially apt, but you can walk really quietly and hide in the shadows with the best of them. The vo... Read more


A master of the dark power, you are drawn to all that is demonic and deletarious. You have a penchant for being bleak and unforgiving, afterall, in death is perfection, the living are only for making... Read more


True apothecary, thy drugs are quick! As a chemist you are probably prone to chemical substance addiction, loneliness and suicide, but fear not, your scholastic achievements are grand and timeless. ... Read more


The powers of the elements are yours to command! On the downside you're such a sissy you run screaming from a ham sandwich and such a klutz you trip over your shadow. Take it easy there mr.hex-spinn... Read more


Crafty, skilled, cunning and ruthless, you are a Ninja through and through. You shy away from the light of justice and trust nothing but yourself; however you are not evil and do not actively pursue ... Read more


You may be smart, you may be charming. You may even be able to call mighty creatures to fight your battles for you. But at the end of the day,you're nothing more than a big coward. A weakling. You... Read more


Ug! Me barbarian! Me smash! You die! Do we really need to go any further into this? You're a big stupid dolt with a club and a loin cloth who rushes towards bloodshed and conflict like a moth to th... Read more


You are god's soldier, the Paladin. You are all about duty all the time and your courage is not fueled by hedonistic thrill-seeking but rather by the will of the lord. You are pompous and beautiful ... Read more


You are the loyal knight. You are steady in your path and certain of your convictions. You protect your land and your house's honor and above all else, your monarch. You are simply and nothing more... Read more


You can knock the second hand off a clock from across a football field on a foggy day with one hand strapped behind your back. Congratulations. You can also use your handy telescoping monocle as a pr... Read more


You can fix anything, create anything, make anything work, etc etc. You also have a lust for flashy toys, especially those capable of mass destruction. Keep that under control though, you sometimes ... Read more


One cut. And victory. That is how you deal with life. In and out of battle you are all business all the time. That's all fine and good when facing horrid creatures and ultimate evil, but what abou... Read more


You are a fine balancing act. A sorcerer appreciates his or her inborn magical abilities to enchant and transfix as well as his or her years of martial training and general life experience. You are ... Read more


Music is the tongue of the soul, and it's the only language you know. Fearless in battle, infalliable in the bedroom and unassailable in your martial and artistic prowess, the Bard is a force to be r... Read more

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