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Category 3

You scored 28% Selfishness and 72% Kindness!

You really should learn how to look out for your own interests once in a while...

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Selfishness Distribution

    They scored 28% on Selfishness, higher than 40% of your peers.

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 72% on Kindness, higher than 65% of your peers.

All possible test results

Category 1

Why did you bother taking this test? Read more

Category 2

Not bad, you'll make it through life, eventually... Read more

Category 3

You really should learn how to look out for your own interests once in a while... Read more

Category 4

Want a box of tissues, sissy? The neighbor just ran over your puppy. Grow some balls and you won't get stepped on so much. Read more

Category 5

Not too bad. One notch away from what I'd consider a perfect score. Just so you know, you're "selfishness" score is almost perfect, but you missed the "kindess" rating by a few. Read more

Category 6

Excellent! If you are a woman, find me, I'll marry you right now! lol. If you're a guy, you would probably be the coolest fucker I ever met. Congratulations on scoring absolutely prefectly!! You kn... Read more

Category 7

Missed it by that much! Your "selfishness" scored is perfect, but you're still a little to nice for your own good sometimes. Hopefully you figure things out before someone decides to use you as a doo... Read more

Category 8

You're a little too nice for your own good sometimes, but you still know how to look out for yourself when you have to. You've probably had your heart broken a few times just because you didn't see i... Read more

Category 9

What a selfish prick you are. Seriously, go adopt a pet from a shelter or something. There are things more important in life than just you, go find one before you end up an old, bitter hermit. See t... Read more

Category 10

Pretty close, but you forget that other people do matter sometimes. Take a step or two down the ladder of self importance and gain a little more respect for those around you. Read more

Category 11

Excellent! You've scored equally incredibly in both variables. Personally, I didn't think anyone would ever fall into this category. So, if you do, let me know because I'd like to get to know you. Read more

Category 12

You definately know what's in your own best interest, sometimes you just chose not to acknowledge it. You're an awesome person, just be careful not to let people take advantage of that. Never forget ... Read more

Category 13

You are beyond hope. I'd tell you to help an old lady across the street to learn some manners, but you probably wouldn't even notice her standing there. Do us all a favor and pull your head out of yo... Read more

Category 14

Damn, you slick, semi-selfish yet moderately kind example of humanity! Read more

Category 15

Just a little bit away from a perfect balance, but how can I tell you to learn to be nicer when you scored so high in that area? Instead, I'll just tell you that you're awesome. Read more

Category 16

Yeah, you rock! Read more

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