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The Rockstar Scale is from 0 to 50. You scored a 18.

Maybe you've got a shot with Gwyneth now...

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    They scored 18% on Total Package, higher than 35% of your peers.

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And you know that ain't a good thing... Read more

Celine Dion

Well, the first step is realizing you have a problem... Read more


Maybe you've got a shot with Gwyneth now... Read more


Old, but damn cool. Read more

Lou Reed

Hot damn! Don't it feel good... Read more


It's all good with Radiohead. Except, of course, for Thom's whole eye thing... Read more


You're a pair of bitchy, whiney, albeit talented brothers... Read more

Bobby Brown

Stay off the booger sugar... Read more

Limp Bizkit

You somehow managed to fail a test that's not pass/fail. But damn you're extreme... Read more

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