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Nelson Mandela

You scored 24 Authoritarian and 6 Right Wing!

Congratulations on being extremely left-wing and extremely libertarian. Your extreme left-wing stance is due to your belief that people should be judged as equal and that everything should be state-owned. You do not want a very strong government. The people are important in your eyes. However, you are verging on anarchy. Remember a life without government is a life of chaos and disorder...

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Authoritarian Distribution

    They scored 24% on Authoritarian, higher than 25% of your peers.

  • Right Wing Distribution

    They scored 6% on Right Wing, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results

Nelson Mandela

Congratulations on being extremely left-wing and extremely libertarian. Your extreme left-wing stance is due to your belief that people should be judged as equal and that everything should be state-ow... Read more

Mohatma Ghandi

You are a moderate left-winger who does not wish to have too much control over the people. Ghandi is a respected and kind historical person. Whilst you appear to be a caring person, you are verging on... Read more


He is probably one of the least known political figures and perhaps the least successful one mentioned. Bukharin was part of the Communist Party in Russia. He was on the right wing side of Communism a... Read more


Sorry, but you are nothing... Quite simply because it is very rare that we have politicians who are extrememly right wing yet extremely libertarian. You are rare. Someone with your political beliefs h... Read more

George Galloway

Well aren't you controversial! You are George Galloway, RESPECT MP and ex-labour candidate. You violently oppose anglo-american foreign policy including the Iraq war. You are left wing and do not want... Read more

John Prescott

You're John Prescott! Congratulations, or should it be commissurations? Your authoritarian rating is quite low, John Prescott would not want to command his people as highly as Tony Blair does. Likewis... Read more

Winston Churchill

You deserve a lot of respect. You are a right-wing conservative but not to such an extent that you will let it stop you from making the right decisions. You do not rule with a heavy-hand and still wan... Read more

David Cameron

Yo, Dave! Your 'hug-a-hoody' policies make you a little less authoritarian than most. Whilst you still agree with right-wing economical issues, one can't help but think that you are leading the conser... Read more

Sir Menzies Campbell

Congratulations, you're Lib Dem leader, Sir Menzies Campbell. You are left-wing in comparison with new labour and the conservatives, although technically you are more central on the political spectrum... Read more

Tony Blair

Hello Tony! You can be proud to say that you are the Prime Minister of Great Britain. OK, so you are fiercely criticised. But it takes guts to stand up for what you believe to be right for the country... Read more

Margaret Thatcher

Congratulations on being the only female Prime Minister of Britain. You are described as a 'battle-axe' by many. You are a right-wing Tory and have a high amount of control over your people. You are r... Read more

George W Bush

Greetings Mr President, sir! You are the current President of the United States of America. Well done! You are above average on the authoritarian side of things. Your invasion of Iraq and close contro... Read more


So what if you killed millions of people? You still have a remarkably large moustache. You are very left-wing but demand total order and complete control over your country, like Stalin. Read more

Saddam Hussein

I'm sorry to say it, but you seem to be more like Saddam Hussein. OK, so you probably didn't tick the box to kill millions, but you do have a strikingly similar left-wing agenda and a dominant persona... Read more

Adolf Hitler

Well done! You're a world-hated figure! You are slightly right-wing and support strong economies and businesses. You demand total control over your subjects. Whilst people under your rule will enjoy g... Read more

Benito Mussolini

You've got a very strong personality. You demand total control over your country, and want to build a strong economy. Unfortunately your strong personality gets you many enemies as well as many allies... Read more

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