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2.5 Seasons

( 62 Costs, 50 Reception, and 60 Cult Appeal )

Your tale is a tragic one indeed. You started off as a bit of a gamble, a new show with a little bit of a pricy budget, but lots of grand ideas. And against all odds, not only did you manage to snatch up devoted fans attracted to your new ideas and ways, but you also managed to secure critical attention. Although the ratings weren't quite up to expectations, FOX kept you alive hoping that your achievements were indicators of your true potential. So you lived on, and you fought harder and harder each day to realize that potential. But it never did come. FOX renews you for a third season as a last opportunity, but it fails to yield results, and your struggle comes to a sad end halfway through the third season.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Costs Distribution

    They scored 62% on Costs, higher than 76% of your peers.

  • Reception Distribution

    They scored 50% on Reception, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Cult Appeal Distribution

    They scored 60% on Cult Appeal, higher than 72% of your peers.

All possible test results

13 Episodes

Although you weren't a particularly difficult show to produce, the audience just didn't seem to respond to you. They mostly ignored you, so FOX gave you the axe after half a s... Read more

2 Seasons

You got yourself off to a good start, bring viewers an intriguing show without imposing any huge demands on the network. But you failed to gain much mainstream traction, and by t... Read more

1 Season, but...

You made a smart play, marketing yourself to FOX as a one-season shot. Given your ease of production, they figured they had nothing to lose. Fortunately, the gambit paid off, an... Read more

3 Seasons, but...

Things started out in a nice position, with low production costs and scattered attention from the right people. You found a fanbase and got yourself noticed, but FOX had trouble ... Read more

8 Seasons

You found yourself a pretty good little niche. You kept yourself simple, and you played directly to the mainstream audience. You handled both tasks admirably, and the ratings... Read more


You are the golden calf. You are what FOX wants every show to be. You are easy to produce. You appeal extensively to the mainstream audience. And you offer enough character ... Read more

3 Episodes

Everything seemed to go wrong with you. You had high hopes and high expectations, and you poured the money into making sure it happened. But something along the way went wrong. Peopl... Read more

Half a Season

You were a show with a vision. You wanted to be something magical on the television landscape. You wanted to make art, and you weren't willing to spare the expense to make your vis... Read more

5 Seasons

You started out as the new kid on the block, and you worked hard and got just lucky enough to secure yourself a good-sized audience. FOX was happy to keep you around. But over ... Read more

2.5 Seasons

Your tale is a tragic one indeed. You started off as a bit of a gamble, a new show with a little bit of a pricy budget, but lots of grand ideas. And against all odds, ... Read more

5+ Seasons

You are a ratings juggernaut. You are an unashamed, big-budget spectacle aimed directly at the mainstream audience, and you deliver entertainment in such grand form that the m... Read more

9 Seasons

You are a rare phenomenon. You are the expensive show with a healthy cult appeal that still somehow managed to be a ratings smash. You are living proof that sometimes, all the plan... Read more

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