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The Parrot

You just like to get out there and have fun! Sometimes you might have to let someone down to do it, but in the end they won't hold it against you.

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The Crow

You don't hold yourself too high above everyone, but you do like to second guess them a little. You are a clear thinker and tend not to rush into things. A comfortable suit in a clean office may suit ... Read more

The Fox

Everyone is equal and you aren't afraid to take advantage of that! A clear head like yours will sit above the rest, even if you have to push a few down to make sure. At least you have fun while you do... Read more

The Ant

You are part of the colony, wherever that colony is. A straight-forward line of thought and an ideal of working for the better good of the masses are your strengths. Read more

The Horse

You belong to the herd, but that won't stop you from playing the occasional prank on everyone - so long as they know it was all in fun! Read more

The Mouse

You don't see yourself as better than the majority, but you do think with your heart more than your head, which will often see you through a tight spot where others would stick. Read more

The Parrot

You just like to get out there and have fun! Sometimes you might have to let someone down to do it, but in the end they won't hold it against you. Read more

The Dove

Symbol of peace, you let your heart and honour guide you and are well liked for that. You may not win every competition or be the life of every party, but you are changing people's lives every day. Read more

The Dog

You may just be the best fun to have around - you don't hold yourself higher than everyone else and you rely on your heart just enough to make sure that a wrong done is a wrong to be righted. And you ... Read more

The Snake

You aren't one of the paupers. A clear thinker who won't let a good time get in the way of your duties, you get the job done every time. You probably don't have to do the job that often though - you'r... Read more

The Turtle

You look quite high and mighty, although there is a slight deviousness about you. Your clear thinking and the ability to hold yourself a little higher than others give you a definite inner strength. L... Read more

The Eagle

Straight back, clear eye and a sense of right and wrong is where the Eagle dwells. You may not be the life of the party, but you are well respected, both for you fairness and your logical way of think... Read more

The Elephant

The elephant never forgets, be it a slight against them or just a party they missed. You can be a great friend and could be a terrible enemyif you weren't above causing harm to someone. Read more

The Cat

You have the ancient Egyptian inscrutability and mystery about you. You look people in the eye, straight into the mood that makes them tick - and you aren't afraid to use that knowledge to your advant... Read more

The Gorilla

With your palace of leaves on the mountain, you can play as much as you want and not have to worry about everyone else. You have a kind heart, but you aren't about to give it away to just anyone. Your... Read more

The Whale

You and the pod will always hold together, you will always be there for one another. Sometimes you might miss a party, but never let it bother you, you are well above all that. Read more

The Dolphin

Bright eyed with a strong heart, you can be everybody's best friend. You may feel like you don't always need friends and you could be right - but people might need YOU! Read more

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