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Geek with a Clue

You are 74% geeky and 41% socialy competent!

You've got a little way to go before you hit social competency" but that doesn't mean that you're a slobbering fool. Maybe it's just that you have trouble talking with girls (or guys), or maybe you have trouble separating your geek life from your social life. Either way, you're not the least bit hopeless, and that's saying something.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • geekiness Distribution

    They scored 74% on geekiness, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • socialness Distribution

    They scored 41% on socialness, higher than 8% of your peers.

All possible test results

Non-social, non-geek

Well, you aren't so hot with people. On the plus side, you aren't much of a geek, either! Wait, no, that's not really an improvement. Sorry. Read more

Not a geek

Well, you're not a social disaster, but you've got a ways to go. Maybe if you were geekier, you'd be better off? Read more

Not a geek

You're moderately well socialized, but you're still not a geek. Read more


Alright, smartypants/sweetheart. I'm sure you think it's REAL cute coming in here and taking a test which'll say how awesome you are socially even though you're not really a geek. You're probably the ... Read more

Moderate geek

You've got some geekiness to you, but sadly no social skills. Pick up some more social games (like ones you play with other people) and see if things improve! Read more

A little of both

A little geeky, a little social, that's you in a nutshell, isn't it? You've got enough geekiness to set the other dorks at ease, and enough social acumen to keep yourself looking good, at least in the... Read more

The Geek Ally

You're more than able to hold your own, and you like the geeks enough to learn some of their social quirks, but let's face it, you're not really one of them. Sure, you're invited to their parties and ... Read more

Best Friend to Geeks

You're pretty awesome in every way and everyone wants to hang out with you, even the geeks. To your credit, you've got a little bit of geek in you, too. So you've never been to a "con" or a "ren faire... Read more

Stereotype Geek

Well, you're a geek. That's something, right? There may be people more intensely into their fandoms than you, but whatever. You've got your thing, and if the furries leave you alone, so much the bette... Read more

Geek with a Clue

You've got a little way to go before you hit social competency" but that doesn't mean that you're a slobbering fool. Maybe it's just that you have trouble talking with girls (or guys), or maybe you ha... Read more

Competent Geek

You're a little above average in every way. You've got some serious geekiness, but you also know how to talk to people and make a good impression. There are people who are way more into the geek and p... Read more

Geeky Socialite

Maybe you're a closet geek, spending time during the day with your frat boy/jock friends and being cool, then dropping dice with those kids who don't bathe in their mom's basement at night. More likel... Read more

Big Ol' Geek

No one's got anything on you. You're the best you are at what you do and what you do is... not talk with people very well. Sure, you've got geek cred, but no one wants you at their parties, now do the... Read more

Funny Geek

You're a total geek, but hey, you bought up your CHA score! (Ha, ha... ha... erm...) Okay, so there are cooler people than you out there, but they can't hold a candle to your awesome gaming stories...... Read more

Socially Competent

Congratulations! In addition to your awesome and mighty geek skills, you've got some people skills in there, too. You can hold your own with people outside of your group, even total strangers. Maybe y... Read more

The Social Geek!

Good for you! You've got what it takes to debate the virtues of Star Wars vs. Star Trek (and the patience, bless your soul) yet you can still do things like interact with other human beings! You've go... Read more

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