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You have come to accept your lot in life as “that person whom everybody counts on for advice, but never seems to have any true friends.” Folks flip through your pages–-sometimes underlining special abilities or hit dice specifications–-but never really taking the time to read the real you. Sure, you have complete knowledge of monsters Axebeak through Zombie, but nobody ever takes the time to learn it all. They only come to you when they need to figure out what a titan’s spell resistance is, or how many rounds a dryad’s charm person spell lasts, or what color a green dragon’s scales are. Your pages are often warped into wavy crispness not from the DM accidentally spilling RC Cola over you, but from the +2 tears of sadness leaking from your binding. Well, perhaps if you didn’t spend all your time rubbing the back of the person you secretly wish to have sex with, and instead forcefully have your way with him/her, then perhaps you’d become something more then a source book for D&D creatures. Pussy.

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Your wildest dream is to infest the planet with a swarm of hell-spawned catfish. You would love nothing more than to witness car-sized, slimy catfish galumphing their way through Downtown, USA, as th... Read more

Dummy's Head

You are a ventriloquist dummy’s head. Collecting dust as you sit on the top shelf of a hermit’s oaken hutch, your life is one of contemplation and rest. You are content in your position high above... Read more

Ninja: Extreme Hero

What a very handsome fellow (or she-fellow) you are! Bundled up in American-made fabrics and wielding some of Earth’s most dorkly weapons, you are the Ninja: Extreme Hero! Most of your outfit was ... Read more

Porn Star's Mustache

Well-kempt. Bushy. Majestic. Open for business. You are the Porn Star’s Mustache. Men and women flock to you from all over the realm just to gaze upon your sleazy aesthetic. You are accustomed ... Read more


There has never been a couch you couldn’t sit in. Bohannon is your name, and comfort is your game. Epicurean fancies are your stock in trade. You sit there patting the contours of your cottony hai... Read more

Zombie's Footwear

For whatever reason, you’ve chosen the life of a zombie’s shoe. The day you told your parents what you intended to do with the rest of you life was the both the greatest and worstest day of your ex... Read more

Hug From Little Sis

“I love you, big brother!!” “I love you, big sister!!” Do you wanna play Barbies with me? Heeheehee! Can you watch Princess of Hugs with me? Pleeeeaaasseeee? Pleeeaase?? I loo... Read more


You’re a pretty stupid thing. Who wants to be hoarfrost? Most people don’t even know what hoarfrost is. What’s the point in being droplets of frozen dew upon grass or bush leaves? You only exis... Read more

Used Monster Manual

You have come to accept your lot in life as “that person whom everybody counts on for advice, but never seems to have any true friends.” Folks flip through your pages–-sometimes underlining specia... Read more

Narwhal Barbarian

Your body is a towering hillock of pure muscle. A thick mane of berserker hair cascades around the bulging humps of trapezius muscle that protect your nape from injury. A mighty battleaxe, Skullspli... Read more

Eye of Newt

Witches covet you dearly, for you are Eye of Newt, alpha ingredient to many a cauldron. Generally speaking, you are the so-called “perfect fit.” You can splash yourself into any witchy brew and kn... Read more

Leaky Lindsay

When mucose strands of gobliny ooze pour from your nose to the extent that your entire body becomes covered in snot, then you know your name is Leaky Lindsay. Yes, you read me right: You are a disgus... Read more

Andrew, of OkCupid

I’m sorry to say this, but you are the lowest of the low. Your entire purpose in life is to inveigle girls into bouts of sleazy camsex, and for that you should be ashamed. You have at your disposal... Read more

A Box of Toenails

Welcome to the disturbing world of you. Chances are you live next to the couch in a cluttered apartment of some filthy packrat. Every other week your innards are added to as your owner clips twenty ... Read more


Does math give you an erection? Do Kepler’s Laws of Thermoinfusion make you moist “down there”? If so, then you are Scientifically Proven. Parallelograms and the symbol for division are as sexua... Read more

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