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groovy individual

you scored 79 stoner attitude!

you can hang out in my Circle any time.

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    They scored 79% on stoner attitude, higher than 94% of your peers.

All possible test results


your marijuana etiquette needs some serious work. learn to share. marijuana comes and goes, and it really doesn't matter; you will learn this. Read more


your pot attitude is not the worst I've seen, but there's room for improvement. you're probably just not smoking enough. Read more


you're a pot novice. go buy a sack, find some cool people, hang out, and smoke that shit. Read more

blue light special

you are the "blue light special" because you're probably the kid that has maybe a dimebag on him at any given time. good to have around, but a bit of a mooch, usually. Read more


by all means, you're cool enough to hang out in my Circle. however, your weed manners leave a little to be desired. next time, bring some better CDs or maybe a couple phone numbers. Read more

above average

you're in category six of ten. come hang out with me. I probably just don't know you well enough. Read more

pretty fuckin' cool

you're one of my favorites. I would smoke with you any time, and you probably understand the unspoken rule of "smoke me out when I have none, and you know I'll do the same for you." Read more

groovy individual

you can hang out in my Circle any time. Read more


you, sir or madame, are baller. yes, baller. I want you around while making deals. I trust you. Read more

professional pothead

I love you. please be my marijuana lifemate. there is nothing I can teach you that you do not already know. congratulations! ..wanna smoke some time? Read more

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