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The True Naturalist

20% Theistic, 35% Mystic, 50% Anthropocentric, 53% Naturalistic

You believe the world is entirely (or at least almost entirely) natural. All things in your worldview come from nature and return to nature. There is no invisible bully haunting your decisions and no magical man in the sky determining your worldview. Congratulations.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Theistic Distribution

    They scored 20% on Theistic, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • Mystic Distribution

    They scored 35% on Mystic, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • Anthropocentric Distribution

    They scored 50% on Anthropocentric, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Naturalistic Distribution

    They scored 53% on Naturalistic, higher than 50% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Agnostic

You don't seem to have much of an opinion regarding the supernatural. Your results are kind of bland. To tell you the truth, it might help to have an opinion. Read more

The True Naturalist

You believe the world is entirely (or at least almost entirely) natural. All things in your worldview come from nature and return to nature. There is no invisible bully haunting your decisions and no ... Read more

The Self-Absorbed

You seem to believe the whole world revolves around you. Perhaps you've read to much Nietsche or Rand. Perhaps you're just a dick. Read more

The Natural Dick

You have a streak of the naturalist in you, but it seems that you also want to put a streak of yourself in the natural. You might benefit from deflating your head some, but at least you recognize ther... Read more

The Crackpot

You seem to believe the world is mystical, but without a god, at least of the monotheistic sort. Somehow this floating concept of something vaguely mysterious works for you, but science and nature do ... Read more

The Pagan

You see that there's nature around you. You can see that it works a certain way, but you also believe that there's something more behind it. Whether or not that something has a name is up to you, I gu... Read more

The Superhero

Not only do you believe that you are a significant part of what makes the world turn, you also believe something supernatural is involved, but not a god. Maybe you believe you are one of these superna... Read more

The Yippie

You believe in some form of spirituality. You also have faith in humanity, maybe too much. You also believe everything they taught you in school about those electron thingies. You don't have any parti... Read more

The Fundamentalist

You believe in one, all-powerful God... and very little else. Science has meaning to you, it means the atheists are attacking your precious theory of Creation again. People have a meaning for you, as ... Read more

The "Believer"

You believe in science and naturalism wholeheartedly. You also believe in Supernaturalism and God whole-heartedly. Your philosophical structure likely relies on "loose interpretations" of your holy bo... Read more

The Optimist

You believe in the importance of humanity, and in a God who watches over them. How pretty. Some may think you should pull the rainbow out of your ass, but you know better. It's daisies up there. Prett... Read more

The Conservative

God is there, setting the rules. Science can be trusted as far as it reaches, which is until it threatens your other ideas. A person can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make something of th... Read more

The Sunday Believer

There's a God out there, but he only watches on certain days of the week, or maybe he only watches certain people. There's something other than God, too, some kind of force governing things, but it su... Read more

The Wannabe

You'd really love to believe. Either one, science or religion. You'd love to, but your spiritual confusion prevents you from comitting to either. You most likely read alot of self-help books, or write... Read more

The Quaker

There is a God, but he isn't just one God, but he's all pervasive and mysterious, but he's still not lots of gods. He's an individual light shining for all of us. Or maybe he's not. Hippy. Read more

The Confused

You seem a bit confused about what you believe. You're no agnostic. Instead, it seems you believe everything. Simultaneously. That must be mind-bogglingly hard to do. Does your brain hurt? Mine would. Read more

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