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You scored 27% !

You're sweet with a bit of a naughty streak in you. Way to go.

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    They scored 27% on Oh that's crazy, higher than 5% of your peers.

All possible test results

No Risk, No Reward

It's alright. Some of these scenarios are REALLY pushing the boundaries on what MOST people would consider "normal". However, you might want to get out and try a few things from time to time. You o... Read more

Low Risk

You're not TOTALLY against trying something new & crazy. Talk to your partner about a few things and see if you can spice things up some. Read more


You're sweet with a bit of a naughty streak in you. Way to go. Read more

Getting There

You're probably closer to kinky than you (publically) admit. Imagine the trouble you'd get into if you had a partner who pushed your limits, eh? Read more

Kinky and Crazy

Oh my, oh my... not a whole lot you wouldn't do and admit to (except maybe around the company water-cooler). You've still got SOME limits. Read more

No Limits

Oh my gawd... bring it on, whatever you've got. You're not afraid of ANYTHING and will probably end up scarring your children for life when they stumble across your toy & video collection locked in y... Read more


You not only push the envelope, but you attack it and set it on fire! Read more


"You did it like this... you did it like that... you did it with a wiffle ball bat!" You don't believe there should be any limits to what you do. Rules and limits are for those who don't choose to r... Read more

Show Off

Okay - now you're just TRYING to be controversial and are just TRYING to see what the highest level or depravity you can score on this test can be. Now go back and take it again... be HONEST this tim... Read more


Oh c'mon ... SERIOUSLY!? You expect us to believe that? Try again and don't just pick the answer you think is the most controversial. Read more

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