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Their result for The Muscles, Ass, and Cuteness Test ...

Perfect Man

You scored 92 muscles, 100 ass, and 80 cuteness!

You have really high standards. He's has to have it all: great ass, big sweaty muscles,and a gorgeous face. Good luck with that.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • muscles Distribution

    They scored 92% on muscles, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • ass Distribution

    They scored 100% on ass, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • cuteness Distribution

    They scored 80% on cuteness, higher than 48% of your peers.

All possible test results

Low Expectations

Well, you don't care if he's got big muscles, a nice ass, or a cute face. If he will fuck you then he's man enough. Read more

A Little Cute

You're not looking for much. As long as he's a little cute he's good enough for you. Read more

Gotta be a looker

You're all about the face! His eyes, hair, cheek bones, and smile! You just want a pretty face to stare at all night. Read more

Tiny Tush

Some little buns to grab are all you require. Read more

Good Ass, Good Face

If he doesn't repulse you and has a bit of a butt then its all good. Read more

Face over Ass

He has to have a great face before you'll check his ass. But he can't be lacking too much in that department either. Read more

Buns of Steel

You love that male buh-dunk-a-dunk! Read more

Ass over Face

He's gotta have it going on in the back before you'll pass judgement on his face. His mug has to be a little satisfying though. Read more

Cute Ass

He must have a cute ass AND a cute face. Read more

Some Ripples

He just needs a little definition to be your man. Read more

Little Cute Muscles

If he has some muscles and an appealing face he's good to go. Read more

Very Cute Muscles

He has to have some muscles to go with his gorgeous face. Read more

Muscles and Ass

Who cares what he looks like as long as he's got a decent ass and build. Read more

Average Man

He doesn't have to be model material to win your heart but can't be a dog either. You like the average joe with a sparkle in his eye. Read more

Cute plus more

Has to be cute but a little ass and muscle definition can't hurt, right? Read more

Ass with some biceps

The guy must have a great ass, but you like some strong arms too. They don't have to be huge but they have to be there. Read more

Ass plus more

A little bit of muscles and cuteness sprinkled on a great ass please. Read more


MUST be cute, MUST have some burning buns, and...some muscles would be nice. Read more


You just have to have a big rippling body builder to keep you warm at night. Be careful he doesn't accidentally snap you in two. Read more

Muscles over Cute

He has to be ripped along with a decent face. Read more


You like them to be very cute with very big muscles. Read more

Muscles and Ass

A big body builder with a little junk in the trunk is what you've always been dreaming of. Read more

Muscles plus more

You definently want to date Mr. Strongest Man if he has a do-able ass and an okay face. Read more

Looks and Strength

A beautiful strong man is your best bet... Read more

Muscles and Ass

A gorgeous ass and some big shiny muscles is what gets you off. Read more

Above Average

A great ass, rippling biceps, and a decent face is heaven for you. Read more

Perfect Man

You have really high standards. He's has to have it all: great ass, big sweaty muscles,and a gorgeous face. Good luck with that. Read more

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